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Morgan-Chase, one of the world’s biggest banks, has “suffered” its first quarterly loss since 2004.  At the same time it has made “enormous preparations” to “lend to anyone struggling.”

It’s about time the super-wealthy 1% stepped up to the plate!  JP Morgan needs to GIVE—not lend—money to Social Security!  It and the other commercial banks have sucked the life out of us for generations, accumulating vast wealth while trampling and trashing the people.

We individuals need to move our bank accounts OUT of commercial banks and INTO local community banks, credit unions and cash.  NOW!

Interesting events happen on holidays in the U.S.  Today is the Saturday of the Columbus Day week end, when many banks are closed for the holiday.  The news about Morgan-Chase may well be calculated to cause a run on the commercial banks when they reopen Tuesday morning.  My advice is to be at the head of the line Tuesday at your alternate choice with checkbook or electronic transfer info in hand to transfer (if it’s still there!) your money.   Alternatively, go to the commercial bank to cash out whatever you can.

At the same time, we all need to remember that “money is the root of all evil.”  Currency and material wealth really mean nothing.  While we’re waiting around for the banks to reopen, let’s relax, go to our spiritual sweet spot, detach from the fray and enjoy beauty, family and friends and nature. 

We CAN and WILL not only survive but transcend the old school!  This week end, start buying food for storage—winter squash, pumpkins, onions, sweet potatoes—from your local organic farm stand, farmer or neighbor.  Buy organic dried beans and organic grains—Bob’s Mills is a good company, and their products can be bought cheaper at Job Lot—or go to your local health food store.

Remember—Delete fear but be prudent!  Living moment by moment in gratitude and love generates a future of abundance, healthy children and a return to normal nature!

Love, Sue

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