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A few years ago, when ice rebuilt in Antarctica and the seasons began to cool, “global warming” was replaced by “climate change”. Both were supposedly caused by humans and form the basis of carbon taxes and exchanges. “Global warming” was caused by the sun, which also warmed our neighboring planets. Greenhouse gases, of which carbon dioxide was primary, were said to be suffocating life, when in reality CO2 is the food of plants and trees, which in turn infuse the lower atmosphere with oxygen.

“Climate change” is ultimate weather control by the U.S. Air Force and Navy and secret government operatives. Their major tools are HAARP (high altitude acoustic “research” project), electromagnetic pulse technology and aerosol poisoning of our air with chemtrails. The ozone layer and much of the ionosphere have been destroyed by governments with rocket and spacelab launches and atmospheric nuclear tests. Why then, are humans being blamed? To implement Agenda 21….

Agenda 21 is a global effort to establish the New World Order, in which nations are dissolved and the planet unified under one government by the 1%, one currency, one military, one religion. Why? So that the 1% can become even richer and the 99% serve them as slaves.

As we all know, the public media does not divulge these corporate secrets. Indeed they lie consistently and couch this sinister plan in terms to have us believe the planet’s health and our future depend on its implementation.

Here are some of the real plans underlying Agenda 21:

Huge reduction (“culling”) of the population to about 250 million people via wars, disease, civil “restructuring,” slave (FEMA) camps, martial law, starvation and deletion of health services. This process has already begun with roundups of homeless people in large cities and offering them food and shelter in FEMA camps (some with crematoria) in return for being microchipped.

Land theft, already in progress by transferring ownership of national forests, parks and monuments to the United Nations and by sale of bridges, roads and other infrastructure to foreign investors. Ultimately, land ownership will become illegal for the 99%, and people will be moved from suburban and rural areas to tiny high-rise apartments in cities. Trains (already being built and used) will transport people to and from the workplace, and cars will be illegal.

Microchips and compulsory vaccinations will insure slave labor and short life spans. Microchips are used for electronic mind control, as well as for information storage. Vaccinations will increase to mangle our immune systems, cause systemic inflammation and poison us with heavy metals and other “adjuvants.”

Food will be limited to the Codex Alimentarius, a list of corporate packaged foods. Organic farming and gardening will be deleted.

Separation of parents from children and eventual deletion of human parents as in vitro fertilization and corporate education from birth will provide the work force. Human infertility will be normal and is already advanced.

We humans, the 99%, hold the future in our hands. We can continue to fear and obey authorities, becoming more enslaved, or we can choose love, change our beliefs and happily live lives of abundance and gratitude.

This is how we transcend the Matrix:

Detach from fear, control and terror—stop watching TV, reading newspapers and magazines, and talking and thinking about the traditional matrix and business as usual.

Retraining our brains to enjoy life is a moment-to-moment full-time job. Culturing gratitude, expecting abundance, loving ourselves and others, being kind and compassionate, allowing others to make their own journeys, refusing to fight or protest, and enhancing our divinity all help to transcend the old world’s matrix and usher in an age of peace.

Refuse fear. Practice quiet civil disobedience. Grow organic food. Raise and educate your children in strong families. Nurture and respect each other. Create community. Buy less, barter more. Laugh. Dance. Create beauty.

Trust your intuition. Spend regular time in meditation and silence, exploring inner worlds and other dimensions. Ask higher powers for help and guidance.

Positive loving vibrations erase hate, fear, suppression and conflict. The universe delivers like for like, so higher vibrational living begets abundance, beauty and compassion. It all begins with each of us focused in the moment with gratitude and open hearts. One by one, change is wrought, and momentum increases to draw others. At the tipping point, scores, then masses of humans will join us to create a new earth and a bountiful future.

Love, Sue

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