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1. March toward the "New World Order":

More and more control being transferred to the United Nations, including
a. oversight of TPP ("NAFTA on steroids"), a proposed grand trade alliance of Pacific and South American countries with U.S.
b. ownership of "international treasures," including all U.S. national parks
c. expansion of "peace-keeping" missions
d. cornering ammunitions and making gun ownership increasingly illegal

Consolidation of the North American Union from the previous countries of the United States, Canada and Mexico, including a national ID drivers' license.

2. Continuing selloff of U.S. properties to Chinese

3. Devastation of Japan by modern history's biggest nuclear "accident" at four Fukushima reactors
Over 90% of Japanese people now have health problems from radiation poisoning.
Tokyo is being evacuated by citizens not buying government lies about "everything's fine, don't worry." All Japan's food, soil, fish, cars and other exports contaminated. So is the Pacific Ocean and the west coast of North America. Recent additional earthquakes are making everything worse.
Media banned.

4. Saber-rattling continues to escalate from Israel toward Iran. U.S. is ripe for another false-flag attack like 9/11, this time blamed on Iran to provoke another invasion of a sovereign Middle Eastern country.

5. This winter's flu "epidemic" shaping as West Nile/bird flu with the usual other cold-weather strains of influenza.

6. Northern Gulf of Mexico shores sterile and sick from "Corexit" concoction of heavy-metal toxic brew used extensively for oil emulsification. Ditto for the Gulf Stream, all the way to the Arctic, a strategic weather changer.

7. Continued air, water and soil poisoning by "Operation Global Shield" chemtrails, spewing aluminum and other heavy metals overhead.

8. Economic woes continue to devastate Europe and are deepening in North America.

9. Increasing U.S. people "disappear"--children, many scooped up by sex trade, etc.; military vets "suspected of potential violence" by our "thought police"

10. The U.S. is suffering its greatest drought in 70 years, especially in the midwest. Look for food prices to soar.

11. Personal loss of loved ones, property, jobs.

SOLUTIONS to these and other problems:

A. Disregard all the info above. Disregard mainstream media. Rewrite the play. Focus on a new society based on love and abundance. Don't let authorities and governments scare you--it is they who are frightened of our growing understanding that we create our own reality because our thoughts, intentions and conversations attract like energies, and our new world will prosper. Old ways based on fear and scarcity will gradually fade away.

B. Buy Citgo gas whenever possible--it is Venezuelan, and the oil industry there has been nationalized for a long time. U.S. and European oil companies have demonstrated repeatedly that they care nothing for people or the environment.

C. Learn Mandarin.

D. Reinvent, build and disseminate technology to extract energy from "the void" without seeking patents and huge profits.

E. Get with the ET and spiritual programs--NASA has been a cover for an extensive undercover space program since WWII. Mars is all set to receive rich folks with a one-way ticket. The long reign of Reptilians is nearing an end as their controls and lackeys are exposed. The full potential of humans is just beginning.

F. Continue to eat locally and as organic as possible. Drink filtered tap water. Invest in yourself and your children.

G. Get savings out of commercial banks and at least put them into small well-managed banks or credit unions. Better still, buy food, bicycles, wood stove, water, gold, silver, copper and platinum.

H. Refuse all vaccines.

I. Consider alternatives to public education.

J. Barter more, buy less.

K. If you can't pay your mortgage, stay in your house.

L. Find like-minded friends and build community with them.

M. Search for positive uses for depleted uranium, heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, etc.) and other pollutants.

N. Get (re-)acquainted with nature: Earth is our mother.

O. Answer only to your own innate guidance; disregard other authority.

P. It does not matter who gets your vote this year--presidential candidates are all the same.

Q. Send light, compassion and gratitude to the Japanese people and other victims of catastrophe. There are no other victims after these.

R. In the face of severe loss: rest, cry, eat, go outside; rest, cry, eat, breathe; rest, cry, eat, know loved ones who pass over will be potent guides; rest, cry, eat, be with good friends; rest, cry, eat,
learn to laugh again; rest, cry, eat, know all is well.

S. Keep the physical body healthy and strong; it is our soul's home for now.

T. Renew your driver's license in the simplest form, often "unapproved" for ID.

U. Buy food and water now for winter--dried and canned organic foods, sweet treats, winter squash/sweet and white potatoes/onions/garlic/other good keepers.

V. Gather plenty of firewood. In case of power outages, remember that basements are another haven.

W. Live in the moment. Look for beauty, abundance and perfection. Expect miracles. Breathe love, praise and gratitude. Know we are one with the Infinite and with each other. BE the change.

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