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HOT TOPIC—12.21.2012

Global electronics wipeout, including planes falling from the sky, starts the new tv series “Revolution.”   “The end of the world” scenario has been scripted by our ruling dark lords and is accelerating to peak frenzy between winter solstice, 12.21.2012, and spring 2013.   The “war of the worlds” has several chapters, including holographic sky shows of the second coming, conforming to societal culture (project “sunbeam”).

The script is being softened by unknown forces.  Iran has not been invaded.  World War III has not begun.  Our troups are coming home from Afghanistan.  The “web” provides us instant communication and truth.  People are coming together everywhere.  Even so, we continue to need to do our part to solve problems.

Our part to prepare for a severe winter, with possibly no electricity or electronics, is to store food, drinking water, firewood, etc., and create community.  When we ask for help, our cosmic cousins, the “collective unconscious,” and all other facets of ourselves will magnify the helpful changes.  

Any UFO or ET that is negative, aggressive or seductive was made by “us” and is to be avoided.  Benevolent ships and entities are supportive visitors.  Always use discernment.  When not sure about the true identity of anything or anyone, ask telepathically if they are from the “light.”  It will give a true answer.

Jesus, Almine and others teach how we and Earth receive personal and cosmic support.  We are learning to see and set good examples, to experience unity and harmony, to discern “good” from “evil” and to realize finally we are all One.

Our culture always has been molded (or molded itself) to follow in the technologically supreme footsteps of our controllers.  We have been able to take the world-wide-web from the Pentagon to global communication and in doing so are fusing science and spirit.  This fusion is leading to an evolutionary leap for mankind.  Utopia is ours, in every heart, every society, every planet, every universe throughout the cosmos.  “Flakey” but true. 

Experience it for yourself!  Be in the flow.  Trust intuition.  Stay centered and grounded.  We are prodigal adults coming home again.

Love, Sue

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