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There is mounting evidence that martial law will soon be declared in the U.S.

Wed., Nov. 13, in particular is noteworthy because major military drills about closing U.S. power grids will occur. In previous false-flag attacks, esp. 9/11 in the U.S., concurrent military drills on precisely the same situation were ongoing. Nov. 13 is a stage set for the biggest "terrorist" attack, and this is your warning, especially regarding children's safety.

Please review the facts and consider staying home with your kids on Wed. Nov. 13. Better still, help organize a "blue flu" and everyone stay home with their family. It's a win-win--if no big blackout happens, we've had a good day with our kids; if it does, we've saved them and ourselves from Nazi-style detention camps and worse. Even better, start home-schooling or "un"schooling them that day and keep them close. Be where you can spend the next 30 hours, 30 days or 30 months.

The facts:
FEMA and DHS have been accumulating MREs, dehydrated foods, billions of ammunition rounds for assault-type weapons and riot gear, and building railroad cars with cuffs and restraining gear and concentration camps (some with crematories), for the last 15 years. Small towns to large cities have been taught mass detention techniques under the guise of safety, and they've been rewarded with new equipment and military-style weapons. Foreign or private-agency troops may be used here. Remember Katrina? All the displaced people were collected in the Superdome and held 2 weeks at gunpoint, with no food and lousy toilets, then dispersed by bus to elsewhere.
Other federal alphabet agencies are beginning to restrict food choices, confuse and limit "health" care, wage cyberwar, and in general cause chaos.
Mind control and child abuse are CIA specialties, probably behind Newtown and many other attacks. It is no problem for them to trick children into going to or from school on safe yellow school-buses with familiar drivers, then take them away.
Google, apparently a dominant force in many areas of our lives, now has 2 new complex barges in SF Bay and off the Portland ME coast.
Wake up, WAKE UP, WAAAKE UUUUUP! Our government has NEVER had our best interests at heart, only the best interests of the elite 1%. Ben Franklin's "Poor Richard's Almanac" is a guide for slaves--us. Our Mason forefathers declared independence, freedom, grand experiment, etc.--but it was for THEM, not US! And now there are too many of us for them to consolidate their hold, so genocide, which has occurred so occultly and so often in the U.S., becomes a urgent matter for the elite.
I expect you to research this stuff, if there's time. The best source, with many experts keeping it visible, is's headlines and archived material. A good recent review is and You won't find it in the media BECAUSE THE MEDIA IS PART OF THE PROBLEM, so stop watching TV and listening to NPR's disinformation and lies!
A recent planned nuclear attack on Charleston SC was foiled, followed by firing of several high-ranking generals. Another earthquake and tsunami may occur in poor Fukushima soon; the recent typhoon helped spread the world's worse nuclear horror into the Pacific and along our western shores. The "red tide" (doubtless from the oil dispersant Corexit, a toxic heavy metal soup) in the Gulf of Mexico is killing marine life and making people sick.
Food prices, already on a steep increase, will probably go through the roof this winter, mirroring the fall of the U.S. dollar and the resulting hyperinflation.
Higher education is becoming an oxymoron because we are learning it's just elite brainwashing. College may not be that important in our new world, especially costing so much and with excellent education elsewhere.
Real organic food and clean filtered water are under attack with FMSA, the new food "safety" act, designed to eradicate the new organic family farm, farm markets and even private backyard vegetable gardens.

This is it, folks--if not Nov. 13, then in the months ahead.

Meditate every day. Stay in the eye of the storm and move with the flow. Hone intuition. Protect the children. Stock dried beans, rice, fruit, winter squash, firewood, etc. and filtered drinking water. Make plans for "the bad times" with friends; they are fast approaching.

Also know that "bad times" offer many opportunities and pleasures. We just need to change our perceptions while being prudent.

Love, Sue

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