The hurricanes of chaos are everywhere. Tyrants’ houses of cards are falling and they will be held accountable. Food costs are rising, inflation is rampant, obscenity and violence dominate entertainment and the media, pedophilia is ubiquitous, and the economy is teetering.

We love drama. We also love peace and joy. These transitional times require that we have it both ways, stepping in and out of cultures and dimensions, dodging dangers of Old School while creating the new, and allowing every other person their own journey while we evolve.

How do we do that?

• Love Number 1.
• Trust feelings.
• Meditate.
• Obey intuition.
• Control thoughts and words.
• Eat organic mindfully.
• Drink cleanest water available.
• Detox.
• Rest.
• Avoid vaccines.
• Simplify.
• Enjoy physical senses.
• Immerse in nature.
• Forgive self and others.
• Suspend judgement.
• Dream.
• Create.
• Build.
• Rewrite rules.
• Defy authority quietly.
• Be fearless.
• Forget money.
• Barter.
• Cooperate.
• Share.
• Unschool children.
• Acknowledge ET.
• Practice telepathy.
• Live in the moment.
• BE.
• Enjoy.
• Laugh.
• Dance.
• Learn.
• Heal.
• Love life.
We are our own Messiahs.
Love, Sue

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