Each of us has a choice:

     We can continue to participate in the hypnotic mass control called COVID-19


     We can STOP BEING AFRAID and allow our wise selves to emerge in all our glory to create a new love-based society.


The facts about COVID:

     We are living in a pre-planned societal takedown designed to keep us trapped in fear, dependent on our rulers, anticipating protection from a new vaccine.

      The new vaccines, fast-tracked and already in field testing, ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR HEALTH but for further crippling our immunity and connecting us genetically and bioelectrically to a global artificial intelligence system, keeping us enslaved for life. 

      COVID itself may or may not be a virus; the material being tested may be our own cellular products from little outpouchings called exosomes. 

      The real damage being done to us is weaponized electromagnetic fields called 5G and soon 6G.  Maps of the “virus” are superimposable on maps of 5G, especially in the world’s big cities.  In the guise of faster, better wireless communication, we are being trapped and lassoed like calves at castration time.  Just prior to the COVID release in Wuhan, a city of 6 million, a large electromagnetic blast occurred, and that blast was what killed most of the Chinese in Wuhan.

      The original COVID was probably bioengineered in the U.S. and released from Wuhan’s high-level bioweapons lab.  The original virus apparently contained DNA sequences designed to cause testicular damage in Asian males, and TB/HIV/etc. in everyone.  But as the virus left Asia, it has become less virulent and more like a bad seasonal cold or flu.  Some countries like Taiwan and Sweden have been unaffected.

     Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and others are using mass population control straight out of the corporatocracy’s Hegelian playbook, one of the end-game global scenarios for global population reduction and continued enslavement of the human race—both long planned by the New World Order folks.  This effort is shared by coopted health agencies, especially the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, global control devices that have NEVER had our best interests at heart.  The CDC has mandated hospitals and doctors to pad COVID statistics by including all respiratory deaths for any reason, which includes most deaths this time of year in the elderly and infirm.  Growing numbers of hospital professionals are outraged at these pressures.

     Mass isolation and separation serves to further deplete our already compromised immunity and keep us separated from each other to curb our people-power. 

Coming into our power and creating a new world:

     We can be our own rulers.  We can step out of this world madness, expand into healthy, intuitive, powerful, spiritually evolving humans and create a new beautiful, pristine world:



























Sue McIntosh M.D.


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