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Average American citizen:  It’s those Muslims.  They caused 9/11 and started this whole thing.  We certainly can’t let Iran have a nuke; only India, Pakistan and Israel are allowed.

Average Afghani citizen:  U.S. is a global bully.  They’ve invaded our beautiful homeland and blamed us for 9/11—an event we did not create but were happy about at the time.

Average Iraqi:  How did their oil get under our sand?

Average Iranian/Persian:  We’re making nuclear power, not bombs.  It is our right to have an alternative energy source.

Average Pakistani:  We hate the U.S. trying to run our business.  Our fathers said the U.S. helped us Indian Muslims create Pakistan when India became an independent state.  Apparently the U.S. creates their future enemies.

Average Republican:  We must defend our freedom by stealing their oil.  Our societal system is better than theirs.

Average Democrat:  I’m getting tired of these oil wars.  Too many young patriots have lost their lives.

Progressive Republican:  Business is key.  Money makes the world go ‘round, and the U.S. must protect its interests.

Progressive Democrat:  Stop the wars and spend the billions on health and well-fare programs.

Conservative Republican:  It’s the CIA and Israeli Mossad; they cause trouble for U.S./Israeli benefit.

Conservative Democrat:  Israel is getting too big for its britches.

Conspiracist:  It’s all a charade.  9/11 was an inside job.  The big boys are dividing and conquering to start WWIII and consolidate the New World Order.

Catholic Christian:  The Pope knows best because God tells him what to do.

Protestant Christian:  It is noble and just for our children to be sacrificed for freedom.  We follow God’s instructions via the Bible.

Spiritualist:  It’s all a dog and pony show.  All we really have is our soul.

Reptilian ET:  This universe is ours.  We’ve owned Earth for eons and we’re entitled to its wealth.

Benevolent ET:  The energies are changing.  The good side of humans is growing stronger.  There will be no WWIII.

Old Testament God:  You do what I say or I’ll spank you!

New Testament God:  Love yourself.  Love your neighbor.

Cosmic avatar:  No one is right or wrong.  There is no black or white.  We are all One. 

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