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1.  No evidence in 3 large studies that immunizations prevent intended disease in any age group.
2.  New vaccines are “fast-tracked” and not tested in humans.
3.  Immunizations increase the diseases they supposedly prevent.
4.  Sudden infant death and autism are absent in unvaccinated children.
5.  Immunizations cause systemic inflammation, including encephalitis, associated with autism, attention disorders, seizures, strokes, death, eating disorders, sexual disorders, diabetes, obesity and violence.
6.  Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration have never investigated or recalled any lots, even though “hot lots” have been identified.
7.  Vaccine manufacturers are immune to prosecution.
8.  Vaccine-related illnesses are not  covered by health insurance.
9.  Immune dysfunction results from multiple antigens injected, producing autoimmune diseases.
10. “Adjuvants” mercury and aluminum reduce methylation and glutathione availability and increase oxidant stress.
11. Mercury is directly related to neurologic and behavioral illnesses.
12. Aluminum accumulates in the brain, increasing neurodegenerative disease—Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.
13. Immunizations contain multiple monkey and chicken viruses.  SV40 in polio vaccine have been identified in subsequent human cancer—brain, lymph, bone marrow, bone, mesothelium.
14. Bovine (cow) products (serum, albumin, glycerol, amino acids) increase risk of fatal encephalopathy.
15. Vaccines contain human fetal cells, immortalized hela cells, yeast, mycoplasma and multiple animal antigens and proteins.
16. Toxic “adjuvants” include thimerosol (mercury), aluminum, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), methanol (grain alcohol), antibiotics, polysorbate, squalene, sulfites, glutamate, and preservatives formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde.
17. Sanitation, real organic food and clean water improve 90% of all illnesses.
18. Childhood illnesses are short-lived and rarely complicated.
19. Recombinant DNA vaccines enter natural host DNA, change genetic pattern and are inherited by offspring.
20. Immunizations are used as vehicles for biowarfare—sterilizing agents, abortients, human viruses (HIV, RSV, influenza).
21. Homeopathic vaccines are effective and non-toxic.

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