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The hurricane of chaos is everywhere.  Food costs are rising, inflation is rampant, obscenity and violence dominate entertainment.

Some of us enjoy drama so much we welcome its fury.  Others prefer to live in the center, the eye of the storm, where peace, love and joy reign.  These transitional times require that we have it both ways.  How?

We are eternal beings experiencing physical journeys during the shift of the ages.  For thousands of years Homo sapiens has dreamed of creating utopia, and now is the time.  The 30 years bracketing the winter solstice of 2012 is the portal to new ways of thinking, experiencing and amalgamating that is the springboard for the greatest leap in our species—of becoming the new human.    Our new form--Homo spiritus, H. noeticus, H. luminous—has yet to be named but results from our ability to use quantum entanglement to live the transition.  Simultaneously, Planet Earth is transitioning along with us. 

What are the keys to living in this strategic transitional time?

Love, Sue

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