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Living in the flow is so easy, once we learn how! It does get harder with other folks around, so the ultimate challenge is living our authentic lives in the midst of noise, confusion, conversation, family, chaos.

A recent Arcturian transmission (inspired message from God) advised to “let your senses thunder through your veins”! For nature-lovers, it’s easy this time of year—just looking at autumn foliage and taking a deep breath of gratitude puts us in that vibratory “alpha state”.

Turn off the TV and fake professional sports (it’s all rigged for entertainment) and get outside! Go for a hike or a walk; look out your window. It’s all right there—or right here, depending on perspective.

Fall in love with life! Use pets, family, friends, nature, silence, church—whatever it takes! No matter what path we take, we arrive on the same mountain-top and see the same moon, said Buddha.

The same idea is true of our afterlife: we get to choose! If we want to go to Heaven, we can—it’s a real place in the cosmos. If we want to dance spinning across the universe, we can do that, too. In fact, we can do it all! And yes, Virginia, we can have it all, too!

Living authentically in the chaos requires choosing the “little voice” or guidance in each moment. Sometimes it’s the baby, sometimes our deceased parent, sometimes the spouse—unless we’re called to a life-threatening emergency, our body comes first. If we need to pee or poop, that’s first—maybe carrying a young child or baby with us. If we have an itch, we scratch.

At every turn, we are “tempted by the devil”—you know, the one that sits on one shoulder while our angel sits on the other. Every moment, we can surrender to the angel or the devil (or feed the white wolf or the black one). Every moment, each wants our attention and ultimately, our soul.

Assumptions are a major hurdle. Assumptions are like computer cookies in your head—sometimes they help but most times they trip us.

One of life’s big secrets is surrender—to God, to our own soul, to the universe, whatever. It’s all us and them and the cosmos stirred together in a big mixing bowl. New agers understand it as unification with everything and everyone, or “we are all one.” Christians understand it as “being saved” or “being in Heaven.” It’s all the same idea in the end. No one has a monopoly.

All of us choose each moment by focusing our attention—on food, sex, children, spouse, angelic guidance from within, etc.

And that’s how we create our reality—by doing what we love, being who we really are, every moment, every day.

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