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Both sides of the vaccine debate agree that the primary purpose of vaccines is to cause inflammation. A vaccine contains certain germs or proteins (antigens) to elicit an immune response of the host'sT2 immune system in which B-lymphocytes make liquid antibody to attach to the germ and kill it. To stimulate a stronger response, adjuvants like heavy metals or oils, which carry the germ or keep it available to immune sensory cells for longer, are included in the shot. Vaccine manufacturers are required only to measure the short-term T2 response over 2-3 months. They are not required to study the more durable T1 response in which various types of immune cells react to the antigen and program cellular response which lasts for years. Nor have manufacturers ever studied combination vaccines containing more than one antigen!

Pregnant women, newborns, premature infants and children are the primary targets--when fetal and immune systems are most vulnerable. Influenza vaccines cause a high rate of miscarriage, and components of every vaccine are carcinogenic (cancer-causing) feminizing hormone-wreckers. "Autoimmune" diseases can be precipitated by metals alone, producing the recently described ASIA (autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants) syndrome--chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain, neurological deficits, etc. Multiple antigens in combination vaccines may cause immune confusion, paralysis and misdirection.

In addition to adjuvants, vaccines also contain other heavy metals, human fetal DNA, embalming fluids, antifreeze and live carcinogenic animal viruses. Analysis of aluminum in cadaver brains have shown the highest amount in autism and familial Alzheimer's disease (Exelby). A research group of holistic physicians detected anti-macrophage activating factor, an immune-crippling protein, in several vaccines (Gonzalez et al); the doctors all died within a few months of their report. Corvelvo, a new group of concerned Italian scientists, has shown that several newer vaccines contain many toxic products but few to no therapeutic antigens!

Long-standing inflammation underlies many chronic diseases of children and adults--autoimmune diseases, arthritis, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Animal virus contaminants cause cancer in humans. Direct heavy metal injuries include acute mitochondrial malfunction, cell death, inability to sustain nerve-coating myelin, dementia, seizures, learning disabilities, etc. Mercury was known as a neurotoxin 150 years ago ("mad hatter's disease") but was used in pediatric vaccines anyway. Aluminum has been known to be an even worse neurotoxin than mercury and in nano form is sequestered in brain, muscle and other tissues with little excretion. Yet the amounts of both are knowingly used as primary adjuvants in almost every injectable vaccine, and their toxicity increases with every subsequent shot.

Vaccines are the cornerstone of allopathic/western/American “health” care. Their toxicities are greatly enhanced by glyphosate and other herbicides and pesticides; sugar and artificial sweeteners; bioengineered/genetically altered food; fluoride in drinking water; electromagnetic fog, and airborne radiation, heavy metals and other toxins from geoengineered chemtrails.

We need to realize the cold hard facts: 

American "health" care is "sick" care.

At our expense huge profits are generated by the pharmaceutical industries and their related systems--hospitals, personnel, universities, medical insurance, diagnostic imaging. etc.

Although doctors, nurses and technicians are usually warm-hearted well-intentioned people, they have been trapped by the Old-School matrix and brainwashed through higher education. They are too tired and overworked to be able to research holistic, herbal and other health avenues.

Vaccination policy begins at the highest health authority on the planet, the World Health Organization (WHO) and cascades down through professional societies and educational institutions. Governing boards and executives of the WHO and subservient organizations--the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association, the American Pediatric Society, etc.--contain many members with connections to the vaccine-pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry controls not only American medicine but the American public via television, internet and printed news. Major publications continually argue that vaccines are safe and effective when escalating evidence outside the United States says otherwise.

Several studies have indicated the superior health of unvaccinated children in pediatric practices, in home-schooled networks and among Amish, Mennonite and other religious communities. There is no sudden infant death syndrome, rare autism and diabetes, no learning disorders and low rates of childhood cancer and autoimmune disease! Natural infections produce long-term immunity.

Vaccine mandates may seem impossible to counteract but it can be done by altering our perceptions. We do not advocate riots or inflammatory rhetoric. We do advocate quiet civil disobedience, disengagement from the old failing fear-based society, and turning inward for guidance, strength and courage.

Energy follows focus and the withdrawal of attention will hasten the demise of Old School. Of course there are helpful aspects of the old system, including emergency and intensive care and surgical fixes which we may choose to retain.

Here are ways to change our choices and enhance our children's natural health:

Prepare for conception, pregnancy and delivery by locating holistic health care professionals and nurturing potential parents.

Switch from public education to unschooling or home-schooling.

Refuse gracefully to be controlled by genocidal government rules.

Change from the all-American (taste) diet to fresh organic non-genetically modified food.

Drink clean water from mountain springs, wells or distilled or reverse osmosis sources.

Immerse in nature.

Cultivate silence and innerspace.

Stop worrying.

Enjoy beauty, laughter, music, art and dance.

Call upon Higher Powers for protection and guidance.

Know that we can re-create ourselves and our world.

Be peaceful and courageous.

Commit, cooperate and persevere.

Choose LOVE over fear in every moment.

Sue McIntosh, M.D.

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