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Why don’t people just live in the flow? a young friend asked.
Overthinking bred it out of us, I answered. We once knew.

I sometimes feel like a drop of water in the sea.
We are the current. We go where and when we will, fusing and separating, wending our way—always moving, always new, always changing.

What of plans?
Dreams and effort create.

How do I make choices?
Follow the first image, the softest voice, the most pressing, or whatever the body needs.

How do I know what works? she queried.
Try it on. You know. It resonates.

I’m a man now, he mused. What is the age of understanding?
Time is irrelevant—linearity yielding to parallel. The eternal moment is at hand.

I want to stay in the nest. I want to leave and care for myself.
Do both. Watch a baby awaken. The gift of senility is living in the now.

I enjoy creating.
Think with nose, feel with eyes, observe with belly, love with solar plexus, surrender with crown, sing with touch, hear with feeling.

Why are some things good and others bad?
Duality is another dimension. Soon all will be known.

What of desire?
There is no gender. Protect the innocents.

What is God?
Love is whatever and whomever you choose.

I’m afraid of many things sometimes, other times nothing.
Be fearless. Choose love.

What is the matrix?
An illusion. Death is coming home, a doorway to clarity.

I like to follow my heart, dance my moves, shout my song!
We are our own messiahs.

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