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What Is Real Organic Food?  09.04.12

When the mainstream media refers to “organic” food, they are referring to the fake food labels alongside brand-name products in commercial stores.  U.S. regulations permit food to be labeled “organic” if it has less than 30% pesticide content.  This label also permits genetically modified (GM) food, small quantities of toxic ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup and nano-additives to food or its container with or without inclusion on the label.
REAL organic food, local or not, has been grown or raised with (a) no commercial pesticide, (b) no genetic modification except natural open pollination, (c) no irradiation and (d) no manipulation (pasteurization, etc.).  This food is labeled “certified organic” by a state certification program.   Second best is “farmer’s pledge organic,” which means the grower “does the best they can” but may feed chickens and stock GM grain in winter because of its affordability or use a small amount of pesticide if the bugs get too bad. 
Enter the Codex Alimentarius, which was quietly legalized by our “representative” congress on 12.31.09.  All vitamins, supplements, real organic foods, filtered tap water, raw milk, etc., will soon be made illegal, as the “powers that be” consolidate their New World Order.  This food takeover has proceeded stealthily under the guise of “food safety.” Dairies selling raw milk have been harassed for years.  It is too late to call political figures because, knowingly or unknowingly, they have been pawns of the system, just like most of us professionals trained/brainwashed in the last century.
Dr. Mae Wan-Ho in the U.K. ( and Jeffrey Smith in the U.S. ( pioneered the non-GM food movement.  Other truth sites concerning real organic food, unless they have been removed by corporate pressure, are,, and
We can create a new society with healthful food and clean water.  We need to:

  1. Choose love over fear in every moment;
  2. Do not fear authorities on any level;
  3. Continue to grow, harvest and eat real organic food;
  4. Order organic seeds for next year ASAP.
  5. Keep a low profile.
  6. Barter with food, seeds and clean water.
  7. Join a local organic food coop or buy a community-supported association (CSA) farm share in a nearby real organic farm.
  8. Meditate, dream, pray, etc.
  9. Dissociate from mainstream media—cancel newspapers, news magazines and TV.
  10. Use discretion, clarity and resonance to find truth on the web.

Sue McIntosh, M.D.

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