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Our world is shape-shifting energetically. 

In the United States the great experiment of capitalism has failed, and the republic is morphing into a true democracy, or even anarchy, as we each accept self-sovereignty.     

The collective unconscious is becoming conscious, spurred into individual awareness as we learn to release the fear and victimhood of the past and dwell only in the moment.  We take each step with gratitude, compassion and love. 

Contours of society are changing abruptly because pyramidal organizations once supported by legions of worker-slaves and “yes-men” dissolve without our efforts and attention.  The capstones of power tumble as the 1% realize they must first spread their wealth and then choose love over fear, or leave the planet.

Evolutionary change does not require guns, vocal protest and revolution.  It requires knowing, nurture, persistence and faith.  It means seeing our human selves differently—as cosmic beings on physical journeys—and understanding we have always been creators.

Each of us is sovereign unto ourselves.  Anarchy need not be violent.  We no longer need leaders because we are led by our own hearts.  External government is an outmoded concept as we recognize ourselves in others and practice the golden rule. 

The biggest signal from those in uniform is that, for the first time, suicides exceed war casualties as our brothers and sisters discover they are instruments of corporate greed and not path-breakers for true freedom.  Their comrades will soon lay down weapons and stand quietly for peace.  Authorities’ attempts to control social media and prevent soldiers from accessing the truth of their missions will fail. As they are able to receive web-links, messages and encouragement from families and friends, each will realize their power to end war.

Human evolution occurs in each person’s heart.  We learn to live intuitively, focused on the moment and in the flow of being.  We then realize we are the flow, the current, the wind of change.  Chaos, fury and negativity may swirl around us, but we remain solidly rooted, steadfast in the joy, beauty and love of life.  Our visions are panoramas of gratitude, love and contentment.

As the Hopi say, “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.”

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