The unbelievable is here!  Global peace is underway! 

The United States of America, the world’s biggest terrorist, is calling the children home!  Years of unmitigated national aggression are coming to an end as troops are being withdrawn from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and soon from a host of other foreign bases.

The current extended U.S. government shutdown is a cover for two huge internal  operations—an international currency reboot and a roundup of satanic Zionist leaders. 

The U.S. will likely declare bankruptcy in the face of a global currency reset, in which not only currencies will change but the 50% of the world’s wealth now sequestered by the 13 Illuminati families (Rothchilds, etc.) will be redistributed to the rest to end hunger and poverty.  The mechanics of this massive redistribution are being worked out by the Vatican, the European and Asian royals and a D.C. contingent—a gigantic oxymoron, to be sure, and the players could change.  Kudos to David Icke and Benjamin Fulford, who have so courageously published this information (   Corporate rule and the Federal Reserve will disappear.  We can expect a major stock market fall, but hopefully enough financial cushion will be in place that another Great Depression will not be realized.  Gold and inflation will rise. 

The roundup of major criminals and their cronies is underway in the U.S.  Their communications satellites were deleted several months ago.  The “broken ankle” boots worn by John McCain and Hillary Clinton were to hide their ankle bracelets.  Fulford says McCain and George W. Bush Sr. were executed.  With the deaths of Barbara and George Bush, the U.S. satanic leadership is gone.  All living presidents and vice-presidents have been arrested.  Guantanamo Prison has undergone a huge expansion for the thousands of expected detainees, where military tribunals are set to begin shortly.  They well may be televised.

The military leadership of the “swamp-draining” has also said the Deep State space program and all ufo/et coverups of the last century will be exposed.  This will set the stage for us to become galactic citizens and welcome a large variety of extraterrestrial and subterrestrial beings to join the human family.

These incredible events will encourage masses of “sheeple” to understand our collective purpose in ushering in the Golden Age of 2,000 years.  David Wilcock ( and others have predicted that “the rhapsody” will occur in 2038, in a great blinding flash of light.  Or maybe ascension will happen in quiet personal increments or after death.  The New Age, which began in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence, is all about spiritual evolution and ascension, in which Planet Earth and all her citizens will physically convert to 5th-dimensional light bodies.  Our 3-4-D reality, birth and death as we know them, will cease.  We will have completed our reincarnations on earth and graduate to other challenges.   Until then our personal challenges continue, and each successful resolution echoes via the butterfly effect through the quantum soup to influence others. 

We need to address several remaining issues:  ours and our children’s health, mutual respect with all other beings of our world, cleaning up our planet, forgiving those who have wronged us, and embracing the moment in love.

The western medical and pharmaceutical industries will fall.  We all need to step up to the plate and refuse all vaccines, commercial and genetically modified food, herbicides and pesticides, geoengineered weather, conflict and competition.  Only then will human health return to robust normal and the re-seeded world bloom like a rose! 

Love is the key!

Sue McIntosh, M.D.

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