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What Consumers Need to Know about Food, Drink and Cell Phones


Where do you get your food?  If from fast food, take-out, eat-out or grocery, read on. . .

Processed food contains many non-food chemicals—to fill your stomach, to satisfy your sweet tooth, to make you fat, to cause cancer, to poison your brain and glucose (sugar) metabolism, to poison your brain, to poison your brain. . .

Check out ingredients of any food or drink you pick at the grocery, and look for these:

High-fructose corn syrup (“corn syrup” or “corn products”)

  • Makes foods sweeter.
  • Is metabolized to fat, which makes us hungry, overweight overeaters and leads to heart disease, diabetes and gout.
  • Is found in most drinks and most packaged foods.
  • Is the #1 source of calories in the U.S. diet.
  • Makes your body resistant to insulin, wearing out

insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, leading to diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners:  aspartame (Nutra-Sweet), sucralose (Splenda), acesulfame-K, tagatose (Shugr), maltodextrin (Just Like Sugar)

  • These chemicals are synthe-sized from the pesticide and chemical industries.
  • Aspartame and its relatives are metabolized to phenylalanine (neurotoxin), aspartic acid (neurotoxin), methanol (addictive narcotic) and formaldehyde (biological preservative).
  • They were approved for general use by the FDA (Food and Drug Adminis-tration), originally formed to protect the public but now protecting only corporate food, drink and agriculture clients.  Aspartame was pushed through the approval process by Donald Rumsfeld (the former Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush) and his political friends, even though animal studies showed it to be a neurotoxin.
  • Aspartame is an addictive, carcinogenic,

   excitoneurotoxic drug. It is the leading cause of consumer complaints to the FDA.  It has been associated with headaches, seizures,
nausea, sweet cravings, fluid retention, liver toxicity, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, eye damage, and Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

  • “New and better” sweeteners are only newer, not better, and have not had time to accumulate consumer complaints and disease associations.

New chemicals like Senomyx, which block or enhance tastes, have been allowed in food for the purpose of reducing the amount of sweetener or taste additive in the manufacture of the food, saving corporate dollars.  These potent substances require neither FDA approval nor labeling.

Human safety is not studied in food additives before passage through the FDA, making the public a giant human experiment.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
is a flavor enhancer and preservative.

  • Even small amounts are hazardous to the fetus of a pregnant woman, babies and young children.
  • Glutamate has been added in large amounts to most prepared foods, gravies, soups, and liquid medications for adults and children.
  • MSG or glutamate is rarely on lists of ingredients.  Instead, the food industry lies to us and calls it “yeast extract,” “artificial flavors,” “sodium or calcium caseinate,” “textured protein,” “hydrolyzed oat flour,” or “hydrolyzed vegetable protein.”
  • Glutamate is the primary neurotransmitter in the brain.  Excess glutamate damages brain cells.  It interferes with brain metabolism by overstimulating and exhausting neurons, especially in the brain’s hypothalamus, where endocrine hormones originate, leading to short stature, obesity and decreased fertility.  Glutamate enhances brain damage caused by other excitotoxins like artificial sweeteners.
  • Eaten every day by most of us, glutamate builds up in the body over time and contributes to dementia (Alzheimer’s), Parkinson’s and other degenerative diseases of the brain.


Mad cow disease—bovine spongioform encephalopathy (BSE)—is an unusual infection of cows formerly known as a “slow virus.”  The germ is a prion, or infective protein ring, which is virtually indestructible by sterilization, pasteurization, heating or freezing.  Related to BSE are swirling disease of fish, chronic wasting disease in elk and white-tailed deer, and scrapie in sheep.  Pigs are probably infected with BSE because they have been fed “downer” cattle products in the U.S.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) would have you believe that so little BSE has been detected in American beef cattle (or dairy cows sent to slaughter) that less than 1 per cent of cows bound for market are tested for BSE.  Beef exporters who test their own products for BSE have been punished.

How can the public know whether BSE is in the American beef supply?  If “they” don’t look for it, “they” won’t find it.  If cattlemen bury their sick cows in a distant pasture without reporting them, who’s to know?

A recent undercover video by the American Humane Society (posted on documented that a Holstein cow was unable to stand up in a cattle truck, so a fork-lift picked her up and sent her to the meat-packing plant!  A hallmark of BSE in cows is that they get shaky legs and cannot stand up!

What does BSE do to humans?  Nothing, for 8-20 years, then it devours the human brain, giving the owner “new-variant Creutzfeld-Jacob disease (nv-CJD)”, a horrible, rapidly fatal neurodegenerative disease. 

Is nv-CJD the next pandemic? 

Beef products are, like additives, in many, many food products, from gelatin capsules for medication to flavor enhancers for soups. 

Why isn’t the USDA testing all meat bound for all markets?

Read the ingredients!  Don’t eat commercial beef!  Delete hamburger!  Ban beef stew!  And tell everyone you know. 

Eat only organic beef that has been fed grass or hay and was weaned naturally from its mother’s milk.


Sodas are one of the worst substances you can put into your body:
They are loaded with sugar or poisonous sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, and chemicals which cause cancer and other maladies.

Fruit juices containing 100% fruit juice and no other additives still have sugar calories.

Energy drinks—read the ingredients!   Stimulants like caffeine and guarana are common.  They are particularly dangerous combined with alcohol.

Bottled water—is no better than tap water and often contains fluoride
without being labeled.  Fluoride has been added to 2/3 of our nation’s public water supplies, toothpastes, and other food and drink since the 1960s to decrease cavities and promote strong teeth.  Studies since have shown fluoride does not prevent cavities.   Even in tiny doses, fluoride does induce docile behavior and thyroid abnormalities.
 Cancer-causing chemicals also leach from plastic containers sitting in warehouses or in the sun.

The healthiest drink is non-fluoridated tap water, filtered or drawn from a deep well or spring.

Aluminum is in all the wrong places:  air contaminated by chemtrails, brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease, cookware, food takeout containers, some water supplies, antacids, antiperspirants, baking power, bleached flour, tools, cars, and many others.  Can such pervasive exposure to a heavy metal be healthful?  And why is it in brain tissue of victims of Alzheimer’s disease?

BPA (bisphenol A) is a carcinogen (causes cancer) and a neurotoxin (damages the brain and nervous system) used in the linings of plastic food and liquid containers, including baby bottles and infant formula.  It also has an estrogen-like function and may be partially responsible for breast and prostate cancer.

“Depleted” uranium is very heavily used in bombs and in heavy and light ammunition by the military.  A by-product of the nuclear power industry, it is being dumped on countries at war with the U.S. since the 1970s and on military firing ranges at home.  Depleted uranium is not depleted.  It remains radioactive and causes horrendous cancers and birth defects.  It stays in the soil, sand, water and dust for millions of years.

Chlorine, like fluoride and bromide, was originally used in military or industrial operations and now is a common component of food, drink and prescription drugs.  These chemicals can cause cancer and neurologic damage.

Food colorings, whether synthetic or biologic (like red from cochineal beetles and their eggs), are fed to farmed salmon and chickens and often added to make food, especially sweets, whiter and brighter.  They can cause brain damage and have been associated with ADHD and antisocial behavior.

Hormones, especially estrogens or estrogen-like chemicals, are highest in commercial meat, milk and soy, and are enhanced by BPA.  Estrogens are strongly incriminated in premature puberty in children.

Lead was used for many years in paints, gasoline, plumbing and ammunition and is still in older dwellings.

Mercury, is a major contaminant of salt-water and fresh-water reservoirs and fish, so that fish as food should be limited.  It has been used commonly for dental fillings for many years, where it is released and absorbed during chewing food or gum.  One of the present concerns is that energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs all contain mercury.

Olestra is a synthetic fat which may cause diarrhea, gas and decreased vitamin absorption.

Preservatives include sodium nitrite or nitrate, sodium benzoate, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), BHT (butylated hydrozytoluene), and propyl gallate.  (If you can’t pronounce it, the chemical is probably not good for you!)  Nitrites or nitrates are in most non-organic meats and have been associated with a huge increase in pancreatic cancer.  Scientists use sodium nitrite to inject into mice to give them cancer for medical research.

Trans-fats (hydrogenated oil) cause neurologic and heart damage and birth defects.

Unlabeled chemicals include pesticide residues and plastics.


The biotechnology industries believe genetic modification of natural plants and animals are giant steps to a better future.  The large agriculture companies, especially Monsanto, supported by the U.S.D.A. (United States Department of Agriculture), are buying plant and food patents and seed companies to control the world’s food supply and farmers who grow it.

Like food additives, these new, “improved” varieties of corn, soy, rice, wheat and garden vegetables are released for public consumption by the FDA and the USDA with very little safety research and virtually no data about human metabolism and side effects.  In fact, early research in rats fed GMO potato found abundant harmful effects.  Internal information from Monsanto itself found that rats fed a new corn GMO developed immunity and cancer problems. 

In the U.S. GMO foods do NOT require labeling and are in most cereals, flour and bread, and in most corn and soy products sold in groceries, fast food chains and restaurants.  Again, the American consumer is the research animal, for the sake of corporate profits.   Products labeled “Natural,” “Organic,” or “USDA Organic” may contain less pesticide but clearly also contain GMO foods.

There is now evidence that the gene spliced into the cereal product can transfer to intestinal cells of the consumer and become incorporated into the cellular mechanisms.   Other health issues such as allergies, asthma, increased cancer risk, lower quality food, antibiotic resistance, increased pesticide residue, and potential creation of “superweeds” and “superpests” have been associated with GMO foods.

Even greater problems are posed by nanotechnology, which also does not require labeling in the U.S. when it is used in foods or food containers.  Nanoparticles are barely visible by conventional light microscopy because of their tiny size. 

 Effects from color or taste enhancement to prolonging shelf life may be produced by nanoparticles and are undetectable by the consumer.  Time will tell the story of this latest experiment on the American people.  Meanwhile, it’s “Buyer, Beware!” and, safer still, another major reason to avoid any grocery food (where even fresh produce may be cloned, irradiated, GMO or nano-treated), fast food, or restaurant food except those which are “Certified Organic” or grown organically by gardeners and farmers.

We can read ingredients in the grocery, but we’re never told about the same additives in fast food or restaurant food.

The only safe and healthful alternative is organic food grown in home vegetable gardens or organic farms or sold as “Certified Organic” in food stores.  Don’t be fooled by such labels as “organic,” “natural” or “USDA Organic.”  Look for “Certified Organic” food.

Learn to cook using organic foods.  Eat raw organic food when possible.


First, research and know your metabolic type (Generation XL, etc.).  Many of us have slower metabolism, type O blood, and do best with the hunter-gatherer types of food—meats, eggs, berries and vegetables.  Other people are high-energy, other blood types, and require more fruits.  Many of us are mixed.  No one needs sweets, and all of us can minimize or delete grains.

Second, know your normal weight range.   Undereating is as harmful as overeating.

Delete your sweet tooth by eating only foods intended for your metabolic diet.  After a few days, you will be satisfied between meals, have more energy, and begin a healthier future. Try these changes as a family or group of friends.

Begin a fun physical activity—walking, running, sports, swimming, gardening, hiking, biking, etc.

Delete the TV and computer games and limit time on your computer.

Change your habits associated with eating—read or play games instead of watching TV, learn a craft, or play a musical instrument.

Learn meditation, ki gong, tai chi or yoga.  These meditative breathing and movement exercises are very beneficial to physical, emotional and mental health.

Talk with a counselor about emotional aspects of your eating.

Make these changes permanent in committing to a new, healthy life-style.


Cell phones, ear transmitters and cell towers produce damaging electromagnetic energy which is harmful to human health, especially in infants and young children.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is the primary polluter of modern living.   EMR produces profound cellular damage in our bodies, leading to genetic breakage, melatonin reduction, blood vessel changes in and around the brain, increased cancer risks, decreased fertility, miscarriages and birth defects, headaches, fatigue, nausea, personality change, learning, and chronic neurological disturbances.

Biologic damage is more severe in infants and young children. 

Effects are both “near,” within 6-7 inches, and “far,” within ½ mile.  Long-term direct exposure in heavy cell-phone users has been associated with increased glioma (brain cancer), acoustic neuroma (ear nerve tumor) and salivary gland cancer.  

As in pharmaceutical studies, EMR effects are much more likely to be reported in studies originated outside the U.S. and not funded by the telecommunications industries.  In fact, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 specifically prohibits consideration of health effects in siting for cell-phone towers.  The telecommunications industry does not care about human health and conceals or does not pursue laboratory information that clearly shows genetic and cellular damage by cell-phone irradiation.

Children in Europe are not allowed to use cell-phones because of the potential harm.  Children in the United States should not be using them either.

If cell-phone use is mandatory,
1)  use an air-tube headset;
2)  place the phone at least 6 inches away from the body;
3)  do not use ear transmitters;
4)  keep conversation brief and rare;
5)  use phones with proven protective
6)  keep abreast of new protective methods;
7)  turn the phone off;
8)  leave the phone at home.


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