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A Little Child Shall Lead Us - 5/8/10

Imagination allows us to see into other dimensions.  We have been taught that imagination is false and simply a figment of our minds, and we in turn teach our children to separate imagined beings and scenarios from “real life.”  Western psychiatry and psychology are very adept at this separation, calling other-dimensional forms or thoughts “delusions” or “hallucinations.”  We are currently being asked (by our higher powers) to re-evaluate people with psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.  Are these individuals multidimensional, closer to God perhaps, able to communicate and teach us if we but listen and hold the medication? 
The best imaginers are children.  From a scientific viewpoint, babies’ and young children’s brain waves are slower and more “immature” than those of human adults until the age of 5-7 years.  They have “invisible friends” and can play with them for hours.  They can see interdimensional extraterrestrials and spirits of dead relatives, especially grandparents.  Children with autism or perceptual “defects” are more likely than “normal” children to have these extrasensory abilities (see books and dvds by William Stillman, Temple Grandin and others). 
School and “proper” parenting have disowned and shut down this clairvoyance for generations.  It is time now for us to allow our children to keep, communicate and own these riches of the mind and spirit.  It’s time for us adults to listen closely to our children and to follow their lead, for these are paths into the new world, the new society, our new creation.
  “A little child shall lead us.”

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