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Be Peace - 1/6/11

God is not abandoning us.  Yes, these are the End Times, but it is not the end of our planet.  It is only the end of the Old Time, or Old School, and the beginning of new ways of being, a new spirituality that encompasses all humans.
Our concepts of God are expanding and exploding.  No longer is God an entity (the Old Testament ET, an “old Man in the sky”).  We are beginning to recognize and to feel in every molecule of our being that God is Love, the Consciousness of the void, the Creator of the Cosmos and more. 
When we understand with all our being that God is the fluid, unbound, generator of all things, we can begin to fuse with our soul, our higher selves.  When that fusion is complete, although intermittent, we know we are divine.  We understand that God is in us, as well as in every atom we breathe in and exhale, every inspiration, every bit of our physical surroundings, every plant and animal and every other person. 
When we are able to feel that truth, we become unable to support any kind of destruction, especially war.  We cannot pay any moneys to support war.  We cannot send our children, our spouse, our fathers and mothers to war.  We cannot encourage violence of any kind.  We beg our soldier loved ones to say no, to lay down their weapons, to refuse orders, to pay whatever price that may bring.
War can exist only when we refuse to cooperate and refuse to fund.
Let us wage peace.  Let us be peace.

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