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Bruce Lipton talks and writes about changing one's belief systems.  Beliefs are repeated thoughts, media transmissions, professorial dictates and parental structures.  

Our evolution, our spiritual progression depends in part on deciding to venture away from the familiar and try out new ideas and odd beliefs.  For example, a few Russian truth-showers are teaching people to grow new teeth, to fix crippled skeletons diseased bodies and the like. How?  With the power of our minds.

Take genes, for example.  We've all been taught genes are written in concrete.  Not true!  A mutation is only a one-protein change. Why not just change our mutations to healthy ones?  We're spiritual beings on physical journeys, and we can do this! Be in silence, bring the mind to that peaceful point, communicate with all DNA in our body, and command it to change--delete unhealthy, crippling mutations and insert healthy, mind-opening genes. Ask for help from God, spiritual masters, angels and other ETs, etc.  

We are very primitive and need to advance ourselves to the next level.  There is no reason to keep outdated belief systems except the comfort of the familiar.  We all need to get up and get out!  Enjoy beautiful nature!  Welcome spring and the resurrection it brings to the world!  Love every moment!

Our spiritual and mental beings need expansion:  

Stop reading "news" and watching TV--it all seeks to keep us in the 3D matrix. Going into ourselves by obeying our hunch/little voice/guide as we move through the day and evening rather than making and following lists actually is easier and less stressful.  "My yoke is easy," the Man said.

Smile, wave, interact with others in even the smallest positive way.

Learn to ask for help and receive it gracefully.  Give assistance with love but always tend to self first (what??  I can hear my mother and the ministers shouting).  

Learning to love ourselves is the first step in evolution.  In meditation wrap love around every cell in our bodies--every organ, every structure--and thank our physical bodies for perseverance, especially with all the trash "food" and drink we have filled ourselves with for so long.  Look in the mirror--uck! we say--but there we are, including every fat cell and wrinkle, but also including all the good and loving works and thoughts we've given to other people for so long. It's time to love and embrace ourselves.  

Remember the movie "The Truman Show"?  Watch it again.  It's about being raised in an artificial world and having the adventure of escaping.  Well, we are in an artificial world, caught in a matrix web David Icke says, and we need to recognize that in order to break through into real reality.

We can escape through imagination, meditation, occasional marijuana use, great sex, thinking and doing things "out of the box"--the farther out, the better.  This does not include actions that hurt ourselves or others, like pedophilia or drug overuse.  Some escape through music, art, movement and dance, running to get into "the zone," which is another dimension.

There are many dimensions.  We experience them by allowing ourselves to drift into them.  Sleep is a natural drift into other dimensions, and we can feel or sense the entry or falling into sleep every night.  Some say our light-body separates from our physical body at that moment.  Our light-body, though always connected to our physical body, is then free to soar through the cosmos and be anywhere or anything it chooses to be.  We visit with angels and other extraterrestrials, intradimensionals, time travelers, other parts of ourselves even.  We may (lucid dreaming) or may not remember those forays, but they are usually exciting and expanding.  If our earthly minds are distressed, our light-body often becomes entangled in lower dimensions where dark entities attract or attach to us, making our sleep fitful and negative.  It is those experiences that are created by our own minds for the most part.  We can avoid them by lifting our problems to God/Universe to be resolved, asking for an envelope of protection around us when we sleep, and trusting all will be well.

Our physical bodies house our souls on this earth-journey.  We need to nourish it with real organic food (not regular groceries) grown without pesticides and without genetic manipulation.  Look at the package on your food for the "certified organic" seal or statement.  Buy organic or "farmer's pledge" food from local farm markets.  Banish breads and dry cereals--try organic eggs or unmanipulated oatmeal for breakfast.  Drink only clean, filtered, unfluoridated and unchlorinated water.  Use natural sweeteners--honey, maple syrup, raw cane sugar, stevia (not "Truvia"--very misleading label for stevia attached to a secret pharmaceutical substance), fruits and berries.  Artificial sweeteners, taste enhancers and longevity chemicals are killing us--making us diabetic, demented and worse.  All diabetics--try a pure organic diet and water and see how your insulin requirements fall!  Avoid sodas and vaccines like the plague!  Find the local natural food store, shop there, support them and ourselves at the same time!  Drop the carbs--a little ketosis is good for us!

Try on new beliefs:

   Loving myself, my family and others, and planet Earth are most important!
    Planting organic vegetables, feeling the good dirt, lying in the sun, and feeling good deserve my attention.
    I will live in a new world of no pollution--realizing the disaster brought upon the earth by greedy control freaks can be completely reversed to untouched lands and chrystalline waters enjoyed by all indigenous peoples.
    I have all I need.
    I learn to discern everything I hear or learn that seeks to disempower me and make me afraid--and I will be prudent but not fearful.
    I let others live their own lives, even though different from my own.  "There are many roads up the mountain, but we all see the same moon at the top," said Buddha.   
    I may learn that food and drink is not needed for survival--as some yogis have demonstrated.  Breatharians believe that all nutrients come from the breath!
    I believe disagreements can be settled easily and do not support war in any form.  With practice there will be no disagreements.
    I am the captain of my ship.  I decide what my physical needs and supports are and who my friends are.
    Genes and DNA can indeed be changed.  We will all soon have multiple strands of DNA, and that "junk" DNA,  85% of our genes, is being activated.
    I will not be controlled electromagnetically or in any other design of "Big Brother."  
    I seek protection, clarity, joy, skill, discernment, happiness, fragrances, soothing textures, laughter, music, dance!
    I honor all other inhabiltants of the land and of the sea and seek their forgiveness and love.
    I am my own messiah!

                                                                                             Love, Sue

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