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Changing the WORLD - 5/8/10

It is WE humans who can control the world and rescript the play by changing our perceptions, our belief systems, the very rules of life on earth.  We accomplish this by educating ourselves as to the real truth of this “play within a play” and rewriting the play.  We do it by seeing this controlled world for what it is and has been for the last 2,000 years.  We do it by deciding we will create our new society and our new world based on LOVE, not fear. 
We do it by controlling our own brain—dismiss negative thoughts and allow positive ones.   Make a light-filled place in your mind for banished negative thoughts, emotions, succubuses, etc.  Or simply send them to the light.
Light is information.  Light is healing.  Light is love. Light is in the imagination.  It can be any shade of white, sparkly or not, rays or glittering clouds.  When we relax and imagine light entering our bodies through the top of our head (our crown chakra), sent from __________(a golden ball, Christ, the Goddess, Buddha, Shiva, Prime Creator, the cosmic heavens) on our in-breath and diffuse it throughout our bodies (prana, chi, ki, the life-force) with the out-breath, we know a BIG SECRET.  Asian, East Indian and indigenous peoples everywhere have known this from millennia, using it to understand meridians/routes of energy flow in the human and in ley lines of the earth. 
All of us can learn to feel and use this power of light in meditation, gratitude, communion with nature, yoga, tai chi, ki gong, music, dance, art.  It is our finer side, our divine spark, our power of feeling higher vibration, our evolutionary path.

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