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Conscious Living - 2/19/11

This is the time of recovering connections to soul, the spiritual part of us that transcends lifetimes.  Our belief systems are being turned 180 degrees, from trusting powers external to us to knowing the powers within us.
Our soul is our connection to the “beyond,” and it is our own consciousness, infusing every cell of our physical body and all our spiritual energy layers.  Most of us have succeeded in erecting barriers to our souls, as we are consumed by noise, busy-ness and obligations. We need to recover our most precious possession and let it become the shining, creative part of us that connects to all.
Conscious living involves shutting off or turning down the volume of chatter in the left brain.  The goal is to access that small voice in our heart, our intuition, our gut feeling.  It’s not easy.  First we create silence.  We learn to meditate.  We learn to listen. 
We practice Buddhist awareness and mindfulness in every moment. When we have busy lives, the left/mental brain may be off and running before we open our eyes and well after we close them.  We learn to train our brain, turn off chatter, release the intellect.
Our physical body is the most intimate arena to practice awareness.  Communication comes as pain, illness, fatigue, brain fog.  One of the body’s most important messages is to learn to rest.  Sleep may come off and on, but in that dreamy space just before and after sleep we get glimpses of our soul.  Rest provides a perfect venue to learn meditation because we float in our consciousness.  The trick is to release any thought and return to floating, letting ideas emerge.
The meditative state can be reproduced by sitting quietly and descending deeper and deeper into one’s consciousness.  Once we learn to dissolve or release our thoughts, that faint, distant little nudging emerges with increasing clarity.  The voice gets clearer and grows stronger as we practice and as we have the courage to follow our own intuition. 
Conscious living comes naturally to children.  It is learned easily by the old.  To be in the “sandwich” generation, working parents with children and their own parents, is the most difficult age to live consciously.  Silence often must be manufactured at the gym, driving, in the shower, taking a slow solitary stroll—always deleting the electronic gadgetry and immersing in the beauty of physical motion, stillness, air, aromas, the music of nature.  Revelations are frequent.  Time does not matter.  
Our real work, our life purpose, is to create. When fused with our soul, we are amazed at how everything falls into place.  Timing is impeccable.   Synergisms abound.  We have everything we need.  Nothing is wasted.  The big picture emerges.  Solutions appear.
Enjoying being “crazy”!  Be courageous.  Be fearless!  We are our own messiahs.

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