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Delete All Vaccines - 10/28/09

We are breaking our children.  A complete moratorium on pediatric vaccines is being declared by “fringe elements” who have committed themselves to re-evaluating “baby shots.” 

Look at the big picture:  incandescent light bulbs are being replaced by energy-saving fluorescent bulbs, but the new bulbs are hazmats because they are loaded with mercury.
Grain ethanol is proclaimed a green fuel, but that use of corn has produced a severe shortage of food grain.  Main street is seeing lives of labor and commitment reduced to poverty as Wall Street rapes pensions and savings. 

And so it is with vaccines.  Touted as the healthy choice for the world’s children, “baby shots” are loaded with truckloads of aluminum along with mercury, formaldehyde (embalming fluid), propylene glycol (anti-freeze), animal viruses and protein fragments, calf serum in an age of pre-epidemic mad cow disease, squalene (implicated in Gulf War Illness), and other toxic materials.  If the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even pretended to protect public health, pediatric immunizations would have been suspended years ago.  Now that huge numbers of children have allergies, autism and other brain-damage conditions, and adults are afflicted with “new emerging” neurodegenerative, autoimmune, fatigue and other painful and crippling diseases, when will the health professions finally declare boycotts on mandated injections?  If we don’t get the message by now, we won’t get it at all.

A few courageous professionals are speaking out and being harassed by our controlled media, licensing boards and colleagues.  Andrew Wakefield discovered measles virus in colons of children with colitis and autism and was driven from the U.K.  Leonard Horowitz has meticulously documented the bioengineering and vaccine-associated spread of  “emerging” diseases such as AIDS.  Rebecca Carley lost her license and her autistic son because she discovered the link between vaccines and chronic inflammation of the brain.  Patrick Jordan has spent a lifetime researching vaccine information to document the lack of efficacy and the precipitation of chronic serum sickness by vaccines in people and animals.  Sherri Tenpenny wrote a book about vaccine dangers and avoidance.  Hundreds of naturopathic and homeopathic physicians have managed children’s health without allopathic vaccines for years.

There are many layers to truths about vaccines.  Are we becoming more insightful with the present media and professional insistence on getting the swine flu shot to prevent an illness that is less potent than seasonal flu?  Professionals follow the dictates of the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Thanks to the research and information by a courageous few, some of us now know the bottom line of these edicts.  Always ask “Who benefits?” and “Where does the money go?” when learning the truth about any social problem. 

Who benefits from our broken children?  Where does the money go?  Answer:  the elite, or bluebloods—the super-rich and the pharmaceutical and technologic industry CEOs.  The “health care industry” as it is now structured does not work for health.  How about we raze the “health” industry and begun anew with care for all?  Elites have benefited from the illness and misery of the masses for generations.  Look closely.  Perceive differently.  Get the big picture.  The only change that will happen is from the grass roots who refuse to be victims any longer.

We are in an extraordinary period of human and planetary history.  This is our greatest opportunity to re-create ourselves and our society for the good of all.  As we make the personal and spiritual leaps to self-discovery and empowerment, we will discover that we ourselves are responsible for our own health and that, with new perspectives, we can also heal ourselves.  Incredible but true!

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