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Energetic Succubuses – 5/9/2010

Energetic attachments, or succubuses, are good examples of other-dimensional entities who affect all of us from time to time.  They are dark (brown, gray, black) energetic/etheric leeches of all sizes who attach to our energy fields/aura to feed on our negative emotions.
In the duality of our three dimensions, attachments are themselves dark and negative and may or may not have form.  We see and identify them in our imagination.  Some look like bottom-feeding fish, leeches, stealth bombers, anteaters, alligators, mini-whales or fast-moving dark fuzzy commas.  Remember the scene in the movie “Ghost” where the furies encircle and attack?  That was a good depiction of succubuses.
Succubuses are attracted to us, and created by us, when we are in negative states of mind and spirit—illness, anxiety, terror, horror, depression, worry, worry, worry. . .  They and other malevolent extraterrestrials/reptilians—exist on these energies.  They must have them to survive.  That is why the global elite, who are themselves controlled by stronger forces, want to control the rest of us.  That is why they need us to continue the old world based on fear and emphasizing money, time, greed, lust, pedophilia, war, satanism and murder.
How do we identify a succubus?  Sometimes we can identify our own and sometimes it is easier to identify someone else’s.  When we are sick, tired, depressed, pained or otherwise in a rut, we probably have at least one energetic attachment.  Close your eyes, relax and imagine what they must look like on a transparent digital field or matrix or hologram or other picture of your physical body. 
Then what?  Approach each one separately.  Tell it firmly that you don’t want it there and it must leave.  Demand that it release you and go to the light.  If it does not detach immediately, using your imagination, make a tiny spot or hair of white on the entity and then expand the white/light from that point to turn the whole succubus white, or light-colored.  It will then detach and leave, often snarling, spitting, growling, cursing or whining in the process.  Relax, inhale light and direct the infused light to heal the site of previous attachment.  Go to the next entity and repeat the process.
What’s the difference between a satanic possession and a succubus?  Probably just a matter of size and degree of attachment or penetration.
It is amazing how much better one feels immediately after detaching these dark feeders.  Really!  I have turned or been turned from pain and misery to joy and dancing in a matter of a few short minutes!  THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE HEALING TECHNIQUE!

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