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The controlling powers of the world have already destroyed our national and state boundaries and we live in the North American Union. The planned New World Order (see the great seal of the USA on the one-dollar bill) is a global consolidation of countries and peoples which will be governed by a handful of super-rich elite families using the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and NATO to consolidation and enforce our enslavement.

The Codex Alimentarius, legalized by the US Congress in 12/09, is a CORPORATE list of ALL substances which will be legal for us to ingest. It will include all genetically modified grains and foods introduced by Monsanto and other BigAgra companies. All vitamins, supplements, organic foods, clean water, raw milk, and other healthful food and drink will soon be ILLEGAL.

This is why the news media has been trying to terrify Americans about food poisoning in organic foods. This is why our controlled “medical” system under-prescribes vitamin D and has disregarded alternative health for generations. What is billed publicly as “food safety” is actually part of the New World Order (NWO) plan to wipe out all organic farms and gardens and all vitamins, minerals and supplements not currently made by the US pharmaceutical industry.

As usual, it's all about profits for the rich.

Research the codex alimentarius, food additives (especially flavor enhancers and sweeteners), genetically modified foods and nanotechnological sprays and packing additives. E-mail or call your state congressional representatives, educate them, and demand they vote YES to certified organic food and drink, NO to the codex, NO to food irradiation, NO to genetic modification. Forget the national representatives—they sold us out long ago.

Eat certified organic food and drink clean water.


Sue McIntosh, M.D.

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