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The Freedom of My Chains - 2/21/11

Depression and addiction are epidemic in our society.  Young people especially feel cheated out of a future because the earth is poisoned and people corrupted.  Loss or lack of a job often precipitates feelings of unworthiness for which the person seeks relief in depression because it is familiar or in alcohol, drugs, sex or tobacco because of the temporary euphoria or contentment they bring.
Suicide occurs because people feel trapped.  There appear to be no options to reverse despair.  On an energetic and spiritual level, however, suicide is not the answer.  It also is the most hurtful injury one can inflict on those who love them.
God speaks to all of us.  Even though we are in a pit of despondence, even though we are careless with ourselves, if we ask for help from higher powers, lifelines are thrown.  Angels intervene.  We are not alone, and the universe is teeming with life, much in the form of beings who love us and will help us climb out of the pit.
Each of us is in charge of our life.  We are responsible for finding solutions.  In a new multidimensional world there are more opportunities than ever.  As traditional and familiar ways are disintegrating, opportunities abound for new energies, new being-ness, new thought, new solutions.
Where once years of psychoanalysis were required to rebuild a psyche, now, with the help of counselors and spiritual healers, negative experiences or dark attachments to our energy fields can be released.  We often need others on similar journeys, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or online support groups. 
When we are overwhelmed, solutions are invisible.  But they are there.  They are revealed if we but ask humans or higher powers and are willing to work to resurrect ourselves—one moment at a time, one step at a time. 

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