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In these days of heady new spirituality, “mental illness” needs to be revamped.
 What has been defined (and suppressed with drugs) by the psychiatric community as hallucinations may in most instances be our growing abilities to access other dimensions of reality.  In Old School hallucinations range from horrible paranoid schizophrenia, in which the person is terrified and tormented by demons, to old people who talk to themselves all the time.
My personal experiences are that, if I allow myself to live “in the flow,” being spiritually/intuitionally guided moment by moment, it is the same thing as muttering to myself all day.  Is this hallucination?  It’s definitely communication from another energetic level, vibrationally higher than our 4-dimensional physical reality. 
So it comes down to how one defines “reality,” which is the crux of the Old-School New-School dilemma these days. 
I contend that, in evolving to New School, we all learn, at our own personal rate and time, that the new paradigm involves a love-based explosion in our definition of reality.  Just as my personal definition of “God” has evolved from an Old-Testament sky being, who we can now define as the reptilian extraterrestrial Anu (and others) who invented humans with refined genetic manipulations, to the Spirit of Love/All there Is/Prime Creator of pure potentiality that occupies all of space and time.
In evolving then, we perceive everything differently. 
What was once a hallucination can now be seen as a transmission or communication from an energy in a higher vibration than our 4-D “reality.”  If the experience is terrifying or debilitating, we now can perceive it as an attack on our own energy fields/spirit by dark or malevolent entities from the “astral realm,” those levels of energy that hug the earth—ghosts, devils, and assorted other lost entities.  We can learn to detach those entities, first on others and then on ourselves (see email attachment—note the funny play on words). 
If the “hallucination” is uplifting, enlightening and exciting, we can now perceive it silently as communications from higher spiritual/energetic beings who are supportive and benevolent.  That’s also what happens with marijuana and stronger drugs, and that is the reason they are illegal—our controllers do not want us discovering our real potentials!  That’s what separates “entertainment” from addiction, the degree to which we use these “magical potions”.
In his recent expose of the Rothschild Zionists as world controllers, David Icke maintains that these elite bluebloods are indeed different from the rest of us, in that they have much purer reptilian genetics and therefore can be more controlled by malevolent energies.  In contrast, the rest of us are more of a hodge-podge of reptilian and other extraterrestrial genetics due to the “fall from grace” and other genetic manipulations over the course of our history.  That’s “good” and “bad” news:  it means we can be entrapped mentally and emotionally by Old School and still have incredible and multiple opportunities to change, starting with our belief systems.
Icke also maintains that our controlled reality exists into the astral levels as an energetic torsion field—that is, our perceptions and expectations of life after physical death is also created by each individual. To escape that field, each of us must learn to perceive ourselves and our world differently. 
In order to “vibrate higher,” or evolve, we first learn  to control our personal perceptions, concentrating on the beautiful parts of life—nature, laughter, healthy children, music, love, silence, living in the moment—and release our mostly electromagnetic props—television and other media, rules and regulations, support of Old School institutions (war, control, fear, manipulation, judgment), materialism.  We learn to control our thoughts, words and actions by permitting only the joyous and positive, shielding ourselves energetically from destructive and negative forces.
 That is done by imagination.  It means that the “magical thinking” of childhood is becoming possible for everyone; younger children these days can imagine, intend and create automatically and naturally.  Everything falls into place.  There are no coincidences but synergisms abound.  Everything works perfectly.
 Those of us who are older straddle old and new paradigms to various degrees but are learning that there are other easier, more positive, love-based, less materialistic ways of living (“my yoke is lighter,” sort of thing).
 Those of us who remain in the workplace, especially professionals and corporate employees, are tied to Old School and “making a living,” or thinking materialistically most of the time “out of necessity.”  In my case, and many others, debilitating illness puts us in the position of becoming aware of other options—“blessings in disguise.”  It gave me over a decade to learn how the world works/conspiracy fact and then how to extract myself from that set of beliefs to a new view of everything.
It is now clear to me that everything in my life has prepared me for this moment, this period of the greatest change in humanity since Adam and Eve.
The winter solstice of 2012 marks the rarest of planetary and cosmic alignments and simultaneously the greatest opportunity for each and all of us to take the evolutionary leap.  Now is the most exciting time to be on or around the planet because we can all participate in our own spiritual evolution!
 The timing is personal.  Each of us has his own path.  Each of us has opportunities in each moment to evolve.  Each of us makes the choice, in each moment, where to focus our attention. 
We need to learn to turn inward, acknowledge our “higher self” and follow its instructions—that’s how I’m writing this communication.  That’s how some songs and poems “write themselves.”  That’s why artists and women are more drawn to “right-brained” thinking.  That’s why “higher education” simply gathers us into the clutches of Old School.
We are creating our future in every moment.  Deep down, we all want security, love, abundance, beauty and comfort.  We need to learn that we can have all that by letting go of the materialistic world and developing our inner talents for creativity and manifestation. 
This holiday season resonates throughout history in the northern hemisphere with concluding preparations for winter, approaching the winter solstice (December 22, 2 a.m.), and welcoming the return of the sun (birth of the son) and rebirth of nature.
Merry Christmas to Christians, Happy Hannukah to Jews, Happy Kwanza to African-Americans—we celebrate in our own cultural way.
Happy New Year and Peace On Earth—we all celebrate and create together!
                                                             Love, Sue

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