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1.   FEAR NOT!
2.   DETACH from the program, the society, the rules.  Pay no attention to them.   The  universe follows your attention.
3.   Acknowledge yourself as a sovereign person and the co-creator of your reality.
4.   Find your joy.  Be happy.
5.   Listen to your soul and to children.
6.   Be grateful.
7.   Immerse yourself in silence and in nature.
8.   Communicate with a universe teeming with intelligent life and assistance.
9.   Be aware.  Be mindful.
10. Envision the new human and the new earth.
11. Release judgment and let others travel their own paths.
12. Breathe deeply.
13. See beauty.  Love music.
14. Love.
15. Train your brain toward the positive and away from the negative.
16. Be your own savior.
17. BE the change.
18. Anchor light.

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