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INTUITION - 9/18/09

Living in the flow of life and following intuitive guidance in all choices makes everything much easier. 

Artists, most women and some men are familiar with intuition, that quiet little thought or “gut feeling” that leads the list of options when we need to make a decision   It is different from conscience--molded in our psyche by our mothers, our teachers and other authority figures and identified by familiarity, tone and prominence.  Intuition is an instant knowing whose origin is uncertain but whose message is pure and soft.  Some say it is our higher spiritual self, our guide, an angel, an extraterrestrial, the collective unconscious or God.

We receive intuitive signals and messages many times during our awake time.   It is the instant knowing that we will forget where we put the car keys if we lay them in an unfamiliar location.  It’s the quiet reminder to write down an idea, compose music, water the plants, look at the grocery list, pick up children.  Once we learn to be quiet and relaxed but aware, we’re often downloaded with information.  Some of us experience this frequently while driving or showering and carry pen and paper to write reminders.

Most of us immediately second-guess the intuitive suggestion:  “Or I could do this, or that.  I like this color, too.  Maybe a different direction would be better.  I might miss out unless I. . .”  As soon as our brain begins second-guessing, lists of options roll around in our brain, and we forget what the first one was and become confused.  If we insist on trying to maintain mental control, we are apt to have the accident we were warned about and to meet unexpected roadblocks. The opposite of control is surrender to guidance.

Intuition is the first thought we have about the matter at hand.  It is barely sensed, as opposed to an impulse, which is louder and forceful.    Intuition is so quiet that we cannot detect it when other senses are occupied—thinking, talking, listening, background music—unless we can train our brains to tune out the extraneous noise.  In fact, training our brains is paramount, especially in the scientific, analytical, type A personality.

Having recognized the intuitive thought, we delete all other options and act upon the first choice.  That action places us in the flow, in the river of life, where needs are met by asking for help, intentional thought becomes manifest, synchronicities (coincidences) are common and time is irrelevant. 

As chaos and uncertainty increase around us, we can chose either to be afraid and crazed or calm and guided.  Detachment from the clamor of our outside world and a desire to remake our very selves helps us become more intuitive, wiser, more loving, more patient, more peaceful.

Universal energy follows our focus, our attention.  When we pay attention to our inner guide, when we follow its suggestions, everything falls effortlessly into place.  Stress disappears.  Health improves.  The yoke of divinity is indeed easy.

                                                            Love and light,
                                                            Sue McIntosh, M.D.

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