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1. KNOW that we are eternal spiritual beings on physical journeys.

Each of us contains a spark of the divine. Now is the time to fan the spark into flame, fusing with our soul/higher self, opening the other 80% of our brains and using the “junk DNA” in each of our cells.

Our purpose in this life is to make a huge leap of evolution, from third to fifth dimension and beyond. Planets, stars, and the entire cosmos are aligning with their own central sun for the first time in 180 million years, providing us energies and possibilities never before imagined by our species. Benevolent off-earth inhabitants support each of us in ways beyond our wildest dreams. This is the time dreamed of for millennia—the time of the New Jerusalem, the New Earth, Heaven on Earth.

2. BE in the moment.

Each of us is a portal for higher powers, but we look to our own hearts and souls for answers, rather than expect external “them” to “fix stuff.”

We learn to hone our own awareness, using all our physical senses and, through meditation, our spiritual powers as well.

Everything in our universe is energy. Everything has consciousness. Everything vibrates. Our very thoughts send ripples into the deep; our words are swelling waves that lap many shores.

We retrain our minds, releasing all fear, limitations, expectations and plans and trusting ourselves to know our next step.

In each moment is eternity. In each moment is pure potentiality. In each moment is the zero-point.

3. LOVE.

Our bodies mirror the planet, galaxy and space itself. We learn to love our trillions of intricate biological cells, thanking them for years and decades of service.

We acknowledge that we eat and drink toxins with most meals and drinks, and we commit to nourishing our bodies with only real, non-genetically modified organic food and drinking only clean water.

We understand that our very DNA is resilient, malleable and responsive to our thoughts and wishes.

We must love ourselves before we can love anyone else. Each person has their own journey.

We detach from criticism, evaluation and judgment and bring our minds and hearts back to ourselves.

4. BELIEVE differently.

It is time to release our dependence on science and education. Turn inward. Each of us has the answer to any question, and we learn to have faith in our knowing.

Homo sapiens is a composite of many extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings, who have adjusted our DNA at various times in our evolution.

Each cell of our physical body contains memories of this and other lifetimes, and repeated forgiveness of trauma allows clearance of stumbling blocks.

Energetic templates from our auric fields determine physicality, and physicality, including genetics, can be changed with thought or intent.

Our current life purpose is to free ourselves by changing the ways in which we operate. Our long-unused spiritual and mind technology, along with a little help from our friends, are leading us to a life based on intuition and compassion.

We are at the fork in the road, the moments of choice between fear and love. Our current world is based upon fear, control and greed. We have been enslaved to it for many generations through limitation, self-doubt, lies and victimhood. In choosing love, self-empowerment, peace and compassion, we will help birth a new world, a new society, a new species.

5. ASK for help.

We are babies just discovering our senses and abilities. Benevolent spirit-beings of all kinds surround and comfort us and want only to be asked for assistance. We need not know how the magic works. Non-physical beings are light-years ahead in all technologies and spiritual growth.

6. BLESS and thank everything and everyone.

We are creators of our lives. In dwelling in each fertile moment, gratitude births a new moment of beauty and miraculous potential.

Each of us is our own messiah.

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