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Letter to Caring Physicians - 12/8/10

Introduction:  There are three major groups of practicing physicians, from my experience:

  1. Those who sincerely care and practice their craft as a calling—mostly primary care providers, including general surgeons, OB/gyns and assorted others.
  2.  Those who are intellectually stimulated but materialistic and enjoy making money—most specialty surgeons and others.

Those who revel in being an expert and/or control freak—mostly academic senior staff and others.
My comments are directed to group (1), those of us who felt/feel a purpose to heal and care for people in need and to whom money is a matter of making enough to survive with a few extras.
We have been betrayed by the system.  We’ve been “had.”  Unbelievable though it may be, it is the truth.  Let me break it to you gently.
The world has been stuck in a play written and directed by a small group of blue-bloods/
elites/Illuminati—heads of state and their advisors, Jesuits, the super-rich, university presidents and corporate CEOs—for 2,000 years.  What is happening right now, this month, today, is the mythical “battle of the gods”—those more evolved energetic entities (extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, benevolent spirits, “ascended masters,” God, etc.) who support humankind, free will and evolution against those (mostly one group of reptilian ETs) who have controlled and enslaved us for thousands of years. We make their wealth, provide food and pleasure, generate negative emotions—fear, anger, etc.—as their energy supply.  Please get your crash course by reading David Icke’s Human Beings, Get Off Your Knees.  “Truth is stranger than fiction.”  Open your mind.  Consider another perspective.
Higher education of any kind, in any profession, is way the elite groom their lackeys/us  to do their bidding.  Hard to believe, eh?  Education from infancy up in the public school systems is tightly controlled and allows little room for discussion, except for those students lucky enough to have an enlightened, caring teacher.  The education system is as controlled as any other aspect of our lives.
I have learned all this after more than a decade of studying how the world really works, or conspiracy “theory”—conspiracy fact, really.  I didn’t believe it applied to me or to medicine until about a short time ago, and now I finally understand.  I don’t expect you to believe all of it either, except that you don’t have ten years; you have only a few months, even weeks, to comprehend it.
They have lied to us over and over again—not just the politicians but leaders in every facet of our lives—all the while converted to truth by us lackeys (professionals) and slaves (everyone else).  Our history, societal twists and turns (controlled by Hollywood, etc.), even science has been manipulated and controlled for 2000 years.  A good example is the “randomized, double-blind, controlled study,” the results of which are subject to investigator bias and to the funder of the work.  The “partnerships” of academic medicine and pharmaceutical and technology companies are really corporate control of public health.  If a new product is investigated by the company that makes it, it works 100% of the time.  If the same new product is investigated to a nonaligned third party, it works 50% of the time.  Reason?  Lies, data manipulation, statistical tricks, journal editorial control, refusal to fund potentially harmful research, etc.  The whole thing is set up to make us and others believe our knowledge and practice is based on science and truth when it is not; when that doesn’t work, they simply lie and tell us what to do via the professional societies—AMA, ADA, AAP,  etc.  And yes, I believe those societies are in league with the elite.  The complicity, intended or not, extends from the World Health Organization to our state and local medical societies.
The American “health” care system is a “sick” care system for a reason.  Sick people and chronic illness make them money.  Healthy humans do not.  Follow the money.  Always ask “who benefits?” Over and over, if we ask ourselves difficult questions, the answer is always the same—the reason policies and laws are in place—to make wealth for the elite without regard to health and welfare of the rest of us.
Sorry, my friends—we have all been suckered.
Vaccines have become purveyors of physical damage and chronic illness.  Even before D,P and T were begun, the weekly morbidity and mortality reports from CDC showed a dramatic decrease in D, P and T associated with better sanitation and healthier living conditions.  The wild diseases are still diseases mostly of poorer children.  You could argue the major killers smallpox, pneumococcus and Hemophilus.  (Parenthetically, do you ever wonder why anyone would keep the smallpox virus alive after ridding the world of this plague? Folks interested in eventual biowarfare and genocide, like elites now trying to reduce the world population would, in order to install the New World Order, their version--not a pretty one--of a global society governed by elites and operated by lackeys and slaves/us.) But childhood diseases usually are not killers, so why do we even have mediocre vaccines for MMR and varicella?   Answer:  they are vehicles for global poisoning and “emerging diseases,” most of which have been man-made in the past century.  Vaccines have carried animal viruses, animal antigens, mycoplasmas, synthetic viruses like AIDS, hormones to influence fertility and gestation, heavy metals like mercury and ALUMINUM, and toxic “adjuvants” like squalene.  These substances, together with poisoned commercial food, have produced most of our modern diseases:  autism, ADHD, obesity, diabetes and chronic fatigue neurological disorders.  Learn more from doctors Russell Blaylock, Leonard Horowitz and Guylaine Lactot and Klinghardt in their courageous and meticulous exposes and web sites such as <> ; <> , and others.
Flu vaccine, this year (winter 2010-11) a combination of “regular” seasonal flu, swine flu and a nanomicrochip in the “special” injection needle.   It serves to actually give us these diseases through docking sites and other genetic techniques and to enslave us via the chip—not just an informational device but an antenna for electromagnetic mind control.
Unvaccinated children in and outside the U.S. rarely have autistic disorders, ADHD and SIDS.  Fluoride in toothpaste does not reduce dental cavities.  Why don’t we know this?  Because our controllers have marginalized truth as a fringe element and lied to all of us in our professional media, just as they do in public media.  Why hasn’t the AAP and other professional societies known about this?  I contend that they have known about it and have been complicit in its coverup ( <> ).   Those senior academics in group (3) in my introduction are also either naïve or complicit.  The internet contains vastly more truth than our professional journals.
A similar picture applies to food, other healing modalities, nutrition, even germs.
I know—“she’s gone wacko for sure.”  Just do some investigation of your own—quickly, before the internet is further censored; quickly, before peer pressure and the enslavers reel you back in.
Or you could suddenly see things as they really are and help us change the world.  In the new society many of us envision, every individual would be in charge of the health of themselves and their children, starting with the spiritual, or energetic aspects of health ( <> ; <> ; <> ).   We will eat only real organic food and drink only clean water.  Our societies would be community-based as well as global ( <> ) and our behavior based on loving-kindness rather than fear.  War will be obsolete and many healing methods of today considered barbaric.
We will be free to evolve in positive ways.  More advanced ETs will work with us to improve planetary stewardship, really clean energy, and better solutions for the mess we’ve caused.  It will be better.  It already is.
With love and respect,
Sue McIntosh, M.D.

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