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1.  GRATITUDE—On awakening, inhale deeply and stretch.  Spring brings early sunlight, and early risers can enjoy the sunrise.  Sensing and taking inventory of our bodies, we are grateful for restful sleep and the potential of a new day.  Like the Navajo teach us, we walk and breathe in beauty—look for it everywhere, and be grateful.

2.  SILENCE—Spend as much time as possible in silence. Trash the tv and radio.  Make your own music; dance, laugh, imagine.  Take your cues from children.

3.  BREATH—Follow breath from nostrils, down throat, expanding lungs.  Breathe with the abdomen and fill every little alveolar pocket.  Hold the breathe 3 seconds at the height of inhalation and again after exhalation.  Think of air and wind; feel it touch skin.  Consider how many other beings have taken in and breathed out these same molecules.  Imagine pure, clean air and be grateful.

4.  BODY—Bodies are the temporary temples of our souls.  Sense them in every moment, in every position.  Work muscles; bless health; thank the miracle of physicality.  Nourish the body with clean filtered water and real, fresh, certified (or equivalent) food.  Talk with parts of your body telepathically—thank them, give them instructions, listen to them.  Exercise in moderation.

5.  OLD SCHOOL DOWN—Planetary societies are splitting into Old School--trying to resurrect broken systems, competing, looking to politicians for solutions, using crumbling building blocks of money and time, chronic anxiety—and New School—acknowledging magnificent capabilities of the human mind and spirit to build new societies based on love, respect and cooperation, timeless and intuitional, and imbuing us with confidence and calm.  Energy follows focus:  the more we look forward rather than back, the more we invest in ourselves to find solutions, the more we use barter rather than money, the more we practice kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others, the more we design our own individual healthcare, the more it all returns to secure us in a rich, peaceful future.

6.  INTUITION—Intuition is our best friend.  It moves us by thought, idea, impulse.  We are “made to know” by this quiet, unassuming divine part of us.  It is our soul, our “higher self,” common sense, hunch.  Allowing intuition to guide us throughout the day is much easier and less stressful than scheduling ourselves by the clock.  It is timeless, omnipresent, and ready to respond to request.  Check it out—it always makes our appointments on time, springs parking places on request, sparks telepathy.  Intuition can be sensed best in silence, immobility and nature.

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