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In his powerful little book, The Lost Mode of Prayer, Greg Braden translates the Navajo way of praying.  The First People recognize a need, open themselves to a greater power (God, Prime Creator, angels, extraterrestrials, higher self), share the need with the higher power, then imagine the answered prayer and the sensations it brings, and live in the answered prayer.

It does not matter what our religious or spiritual beliefs are.  Even atheists can request or instruct their higher selves.  What matters is that each of us recognize that we can be co-creators with our higher powers.

Here’s how:

Take the weather as an example:
            The need is to eliminate chemtrails, toxic air and water, and restore our artificial weather to its natural form.
            Visualize the end result.  Imagine blue skies, normal clouds, bright sunshine, normal rain and snow without contamination.  Let the higher power decide the mechanisms by which the prayer will be answered.  Don’t concern ourselves with the details.
            Imagine being at the seashore, hiking in the mountains, walking down the street under a normal sky. 
            Have profound thanks and gratitude for this miracle of normal weather.

                                                                        Love, Sue

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