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Each of us is responsible for our own health.  The new world is here and with it a dramatic shift in belief systems.  No longer do we expect “they” will take care of us; the old systems are crumbling and do not deserve our attention nor our support.

We are more than mind-body entities.  We are spiritual beings on physical journeys and maintain our connection, however thin, to the One.  We are cosmos-spirit-mind-body beings, part of the web of creation, part of each other, part of Planet Earth.

One of the greatest secrets of health is the recognition that the spiritual or etheric template of the human body is the blueprint for the physical manifestation.  That concept is the reverse of scientific explanations for the “bioelectric field” originating from the physical.  Any alteration of the physical must begin with the blueprint, or the aura.

The myriad of connections from our energetic/auric fields to our physical body has been recognized by ancient cultures in systems of chakras, conduits between the physical and auric, and meridians, “ley lines” or rivers of energy flow in the physical.  We need not understand those networks in detail, but the concept remains valid.

To maintain or change our physical health, we picture the way we want to be, then move the image into our physical body and know the change has already begun.  In other words, imagine, intend, allow and balance.  Change cannot be forced, and alterations to the physical body take time.  Know in the heart the change will happen and live as it already has happened.

Our DNA serves not only as our physical blueprint but as the repository of all personal knowledge and experience, including those of past lives.  Science has dubbed 85% of our DNA “junk” but in the “junk” are potentials beyond our wildest dreams.  Contrary to old science, our genes can be changed and are changed by environmental factors every moment.  What are genes but strings of proteins?  Of course we can change them!

Genetic diseases and other malfunctions are not carved in stone.  The same processes of visualization and intention apply to inherited genes as well as environmentally influenced DNA. 

Health is one of many aspects of life that can be augmented with assistance from angels or highly advanced benevolent extraterrestrials.  Of course they’re here, and there and everywhere!  They know much more than we and are just waiting to be asked for assistance.  If you wish to call them God, that’s fine, too.  They are masters of creation.

Because we live in a 4-dimensional (width, depth, length, time) world, our bodies and physical surrounding are of very dense vibration.  Everything vibrates; everything is energy; everything is spirit.  When we evolve, change in spirit and belief  precedes change in the physical. 

Our physical body deserves the finest building blocks we can provide, particularly if we are intending to change.  We must eat and drink the cleanest, purest food and water we can find, which means growing the food ourselves in totally organic gardens or fields or trading or buying certified/”farmer’s pledge” local food whenever possible.  Unfluoridated filtered water is our drink of choice.  Children especially need to be fed responsibly and avoid grocery-store food (including so-called “natural” or “organic” foods) and sugars.  Go for fresh low-carb, high-veggie, high-fruit, high-protein real certified organic food.

Our first responsibility is to ourselves and our young children.  Change radiates outward as well as inward.

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