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Run up to World War iii - 6/13/11

The “Great Experiment” announced to the world by the “Founding Fathers” of the United States in 1776 is ending. 
Most of us have lived under the illusion that our country has been and is a democracy.  The USA was founded as a republic, which is a representative form of government (congress), and has never been a democracy, one man-one vote.  All the rhetoric about democracy is a lie—the big one, for US citizens.  In fact, the USA does not even exist any more—it is now part of the North American Union--a  fusion of Canada, the US and Mexico—and the public does not know.
WAKE UP!  America is sleeping while the noose around our necks is nearly impossible to escape!  The frog in the boiling water is about to leap out of the pot but doesn’t see the lid coming down!  WAKE UP!  Our elite masters have planned the New World Order for thousands of years, and IT IS HERE! 
The only possible geographic escape of the coming military state in the US is South America, the new USA.  Peru has just banned genetically modified food.  Venezuela has been the center for oil production for years.  Real organic and local food is the norm in extensive indigenous communities.  Communications with benevolent extraterrestrials is common.  Learn Spanish!  But don’t make the mistake of behaving like a Norteamericanos—those days are over.  Now we are the immigrants and must learn native ways.
As I see world affairs from my armchair, we are being prepared for the last world war:
·      Border conflicts have begun on the US-Mexican “border” (there really isn’t a border) over drugs. We were recently told the US ATF have supplied Mexican drug runners with ammunition—a classic example of the funding of both sides of a war by our masters.  This is also a fine example of racist conflicts with latinos—the ones with African Americans will explode soon, I suspect, with CIA instigation.
·      Implementation of the Codex Alimentarius, a list of every food and drink item allowed to us plebians, all of which are manufactured by corporations.  It has begun as a war on the local and organic food movements worldwide, with the German E. coli outbreak earlier this month.  Despite the media’s insisting this germ originated from organic sprouts, the truth is that this germ, resistant to a host of antibiotics and causing a high rate of hemolytic-uremia syndrome (kidney failure and blood cell destruction), also contains DNA for the bubonic plague ( <> ).  Can you say genocide?  Germs in nature develop resistance gradually to antibiotics one by one and have not magically mutated with plague.  This is bioengineered biowarfare from the elite to the rest of us.  It is part of population control and fear-mongering and has happened before—San Diego, Tuskaloosa, Tokyo, Long Island, CT shoreline, New York, etc. ( <> ).  There will be many more assaults on real organic food and huge efforts to wipe out organic farms, gardens and grocers in this country.  Simultaneously commercial food prices are rising steeply, and big-box stores will soon begin running out of their products.  Hopefully the image of bare grocery shelves will finally stimulate us to store 3-6 months’ worth of food and water.
·      China and Russia are quietly building their military capabilities.  Walmart was rumored to have ties to the Chinese Red Army.  The huge number of Chinese indoctrinated for years in military obedience can easily invade us.  Buses of real estate investors buying up foreclosed properties in CA and the southwest US are leading the invasion.  We hear the saber-rattling of “undisclosed weapons.”  The East-West WWIII is well underway. 
·      Wall Street is trying to generate another bull market—yet another effort to squeeze money out of the little guy.  Whether it’s the slow burn or a military state imposed after another “false flag attack,” another economic depression is planned which will be worse than the great one.  Inflation of the dollar has begun.  Amero coins, the new dollar of the North American Union, already are being minted.  Regardless of what our “financial advisors” say, now is the worst time in our history to invest in stocks and bonds.  Get your money out now, or kiss it good-bye.
·      “Earth changes” are being generated by secret military operations, especially ours.  Most earthquakes in recent memory have been triggered artificially in known faults.  Man-made quakes have a different seismic signature than natural quakes ( <> ).  Russia has had an “earthquake machine,” or scalar weapon, for 50 years or more.  HAARP, the high-altitude ionospheric heater based in Gakona, Alaska, can cause mass communication disruption, submarine and aircraft  disablement and earthquakes.  The massive Japanese nuclear “accident” will cause death, illness and deformed infants for centuries.  HAARP STEERS THE JET STREAM to cause early and late freezes, drought and floods.  CHEMTRAILS are another major way in which the USAF controls our weather.  These poisonous linear trails contain massive amounts of aluminum, strontium and mercury which coalesce to make clouds, in turn raining and snowing on the rest of us.  We have not had normal weather in 75 years.  Can you say genocide?
·      Healthcare?  What healthcare?  Ours is a sickcare system, getting sicker and more expensive every day, profiting pharmaceutical mavens and electronic equipment CEOs.  We vaccinate our darling infants with hepatitis vaccine, loaded with mercury and aluminum, before they leave the hospital, and continue injecting them with toxic “adjuvants” (especially aluminum), animal viruses and genetic fragments, and killed or paralyzed germs to stimulate the desired antibody response.  Vaccines are filthy.  Hospitals are filthy.  Until the American people understand that we humans are spiritual beings on a physical journey and that death is only another transition, longevity remains supreme, even if only for a comatose shell on a ventilator.  Except for pediatrics and clinical genetics, western medicine has never emphasized wellness.  We need to learn to be our own doctors ( <> ) and treat our bodies as the physical temples they are.  We can use suppressed healing techniques such as orgone, electromagnetics, alkalinization; herbal and dietary methods; collaboration with angel or benevolent and highly developed extraterrestrials, and energetic medicine, including reiki, acupuncture, spiritual healing and reflexology.  The elite will try to eliminate non-pharmacologic healing methods, but they will survive in a healthy segment of the population who will birth the new society.
·      Religion is another construct used by the elite to divide and conquer us.  Jesuits have long been in the cutting edge of the New World Order (NWO), often in higher education and government.  Vatican City is slated to be the NWO’s religious center for a universal religion (London’s “Old City” the economic center and Washington D.C. the military center—all three districts long separate governmental entities).  The Mormon Tabernacle is said to have an entry to a vast underground Illuminati city.  Protestantism in all its facets is a driving force for mid-western and southern US support for and participation in the military (the epitome of idealogical schizophrenia:  kill vs. don’t kill).  Secret holographic technologies are being assembled to portray vast heavenly second comings of saviors, each Messiah specific to the dominant religion of the area (Jesus, Maitreya, Buddha, etc., in Project Blue Beam).
·      A “false flag attack” is military-speak for an attack on home soil or assets, totally arranged by covert parties as an “inside job” and blamed elsewhere, usually as an excuse to war.  Although 9/11 is the most familiar inside job, many others have occurred:  attacks on the USS Cole, the USS Maine and Pearl Harbor; London’s 7/7, Madrid’s train wreck, Vietnam’s Gulf of Tonkin, etc.  To paraphrase Kissinger, Of course the people don’t want to go to war, unless they are personally threatened.  There is every reason to believe at least one more major attack will occur on the US, likely nuclear, in addition to a multitude of biowarfare, economic and military events.  We must be keen observers in the midst of chaos—if things don’t quite make sense (the lack of Norad intervention in 9/11), the event is probably a false flag attack.
What can we do?
·      Love ourselves first, then others.
·      Understand the unity of all.
·      Be knowledgeable.  Be smart.  Anticipate events.
·      Know we are spiritual beings on physical journeys.
·      Stockpile organic food, clean water and fuel to last 3-6 months.
·      Stay on the emotional periphery of chaos.  Be compassionate but not emotionally involved in tragic events.
·      Be grateful for each moment’s beauty.  Living in love and gratitude creates a beautiful future.
·      Eat certified or “farmer’s pledge” food and drink clean filtered tap water.
·      Take responsibility for environmental filth.  Love and refurbish Mother Earth.
·      Ask for help in any matter from God, angels, extraterrestrials, spirits and other humans—any time, any place.  It will come.
·      Barter.
·      Build community with neighbors, family and friends.
·      Change outmoded belief systems—e.g., yes we can change our genes through thought and commitment.
·      Know each of us is our own Messiah.
                             Love, Sue

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