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“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation (Thoreau)”. The longing for a hidden reason for being is rampant in today’s materialistic western society.

“All that you have is your soul,” sings Tracy Chapman.

Each of us has multiple energy layers infused and surrounding our physical body. Together they form our aura, and we are connected to our soul via this aura. The soul—that eternal part of us that survives death—is the elusive part so many spend a lifetime without knowing. It is that part of us connected to the universe and the collective unconscious; the core of our being, the repository of all memories and information, the reason for living.

Sometimes we suffer the seeming loss of our soul—when a child or spouse dies, when the heart is broken, in chaos and uncertainty, when we feel trapped in blackness. The “dark night of the soul” some call that abyss of helplessness beyond despair.

We muster one last effort—to call for help or to reach for pills or a gun. If we are lucky enough to be surrounded by loving friends or family, they hear and provide or secure the help we need. If we are attuned to the spirit, a voice from within will give moment to moment instructions. The telephone might ring or someone might knock on the door. A stranger may appear.

We need to transform quiet desperation into the joy of living. The present increasing chaos, economic crisis and media fear-mongering provide the perfect opportunity for transformation, and that change starts with each person.

We have a “reverse blowhole” at the top of our heads that allows us access to secrets of the cosmos—love, joy, energy, information—with every inhalation. They can be imagined as light streaming from a golden ball several feet above our crown. Breathe in love, breathe out love to infuse our physical bodies. Inhale slowly and deeply, expanding abdomen as well as chest. Hold the deep breath for 4-5 seconds, then exhale slowly. Imagine that light being drawn into oneself and infused throughout the body, then the room, then the residence, then the neighborhood, then the country, then the entire globe.

When we stop watching and reading “news” media, we have more time to practice awareness and learn to sense our inner guide/angel/higher self. Enjoying each moment brings us to that elusive happiness we’ve searched for. Compassionate detachment for those who suffer, sharing our abundance but not getting emotionally “caught up” with events, and refusing to be victims are all keys to finding our souls again. Watch the young children—they are skilled in joyfulness and soul fusion.

Spiritual evolution and planetary revolution require our quiet respectful gratitude, not guns. It is vital that mass protests be nonviolent. Being in tune with ourselves and our surroundings but at the periphery of the “real world” helps us use the 80% of our “junk” DNA. Meditation and understanding the existence of other dimensions exercise the other 80% of our brains. Nonjudgment helps us experience unity.

“Apocalypse” really means a thinning or parting of the veils, seeing realities beyond 3D. Most of the horrors we experience currently are artificially induced so we will remain frightened and obedient.

We are victims no more. We are true to ourselves. We wage peace. We choose love over fear. We are our own messiahs.

Love, Sue

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