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The New Health - 5/2/2010

The meeting of science and spirituality (quantum reality, multiple dimensions, etc.) is occurring is occurring more and more often.  The only problem is that mainstream science would rather we not know.  Why?  Because it empowers us to take charge of our own lives and makes less money for our elite controllers.
The new field of wave-genetics says that light, or photons, is the glue that integrates our bodies by patterning illness and health and by providing the internal web of communication among cells.  Light, like fiber-optic cable, is logarithmically faster than sound or chemical transmissions and can orchestrate the maintenance and adjustment of cell replacement, utilization of foods and liquids, skin modulation by sunshine, mind-body communications and effects of environmental factors. 
The light network of our body is modulated through DNA.  Remember the 98% of DNA called “junk”?  Remember the 80% of our brains we don’t use?  DNA molecules are receptors, transducers and producers of light, including photons and thought.  With the proper lab equipment, biological patterns emitted by DNA can be read and recorded, even without the presence of the biologic structure itself!  This information was discovered in Russia in the early 1970s and is an example of information withheld, suppressed or maligned in the U.S.
Meanwhile the original Russian geneticists have continued to demonstrate that light/thought/photon templates not only exist in all of biology but are a major determinant of health.  Light memory (hologram) from healthy rats, for example, can program the regeneration of the pancreas in young mice who have undergone experimental pancreatectomy!  Amazing!  Light patterns can cure diabetes and regrow an entire organ in rats!   Light patterns from abnormal cells can also be transmitted through quartz to produce the same abnormality in healthy cells!  You can read more about these stunning achievements in <>  and sign up for a free newsletter on this and related subjects at <> .
Meanwhile, mainstream genetics still regards DNA as material rather than energy and has described epigenetics, or the ways in which our genes can be changed and modulated by our environment.  Even mainstream science is now recognizing that our genes are not cast in stone and can be changed by environmental factors!  Dr. Mae Wan Ho, a British geneticist on the front lines of the anti-genetically modified food discussion, explains beautifully in her books (The Fluid Genome and The Rainbow and the Worm) and website, <> , the many ways to influence human biology.
New Age spirituality and indigenous cultures have known about light templates of biology for many years.  Spiritual healers and psychics can see energetic abnormalities in our auric or energetic fields that are responsible for illness, pain and emotional upheavals.  Furthermore, they can modulate or change abnormalities in our energetic templates which results in relief of pain and illness.  One of the most restorative maneuvers a spiritual healer performs is release of “attachments,” dark entities or energies which fasten themselves to our auras, acting as succubuses, or energetic vampires ( <> ).  The client feels an immediate improvement with the removal of attachments, lending credence to the theory that our biology follows an energetic template to regain health.
Our belief systems are major thought constructs that influence our health.  Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) and others write about paradigm shifts in how we view and restructure our health.  Mainstream science even allows the notion that the “placebo effect” is becoming a much more powerful indicator of response to ideas and sugar pills.
Old World corporations are doing all they can to prevent people from understanding and using this material.  Of course they don’t want us to know—we would stop taking and prescribing pills for everything!
Here is the real new healthcare system:  Everything is energy.  Our physical bodies follow patterns or templates in our energetic fields (light-bodies or aura), not the other way around (“bioelectric fields”).  These templates can be changed with a different belief system, with our own thought, with our own intent, with manipulation by adept healers, with exposure to sunshine and broad-spectrum light, etc.  Thoughts are packets of light and with direction can alter even our DNA and our bones.
Ultimately we will not need pills and maybe not even surgery.  With practice and belief, and a little help from our friends, we should be able to reconstruct our biology, relieve our own pain, reverse aging, repair heavy metal or electromagnetic injury.  In the New World we are our own physicians and can heal each other as well!
Right now we are in a transition between the two paradigms.  Major adjustments are necessary for our biologies as well as for our beliefs.  It will take time, practice and patience for us to learn and apply these principles and for our 3D bodies to respond. But we are the way-showers.  We will discern and determine the paths we take.  Ultimately, not far away, we will show that the spirit collaborates with the mind and body to produce and maintain the new human.

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