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The Way It Is - 8/3/11

Wake up! WAKE UP!

Do you know what THEY are doing? While we’re sitting on our backsides, watching sports and drinking beer, THEY have been dismantling the United States, building a big-brother surveillance system in the United Kingdom, consolidating the former European states into the European Union, and marching steadily toward the New World Order!

The what? THE NEW WORLD ORDER! The utopia that’s not! Bush-41 introduced us to it on 9/11/91 (note that date!), and presidents, vice-presidents and their advisors in both political parties have been repeating it ever since. They bill it as a one-government, one-army, one religion, nationless world of peace and harmony. NOT!! The New World Order (NWO) will be a corporate police state in which WE will be the slaves and THEY will continue to rake in the money.

Don’t believe it? Bush-41 and Henry Kissinger have both referred to our precious children as “cannon fodder” and to retirees as “useless eaters”! THEY, the genetically pure blue-bloods rule our world and have always ruled our world. THEY start wars, build walls, tear down walls, invent new lethal germs, and mind-control us at every turn.
THEY marry friends and distant relatives to keep their bloodlines pure because THEY have always been better than we, have always been the fat cats, the bosses, the kings and queens and prime ministers, the super-rich, the drug kingpins, the CEOs.

David and Neil Rockefeller have said their family is part of a cabal to control first the American people and ultimately, with the European Rothschilds, the world.
Think about the major scandals of the past 25 years: the savings and loan debacle (Neil Bush and friends), Whitewater (the Clintons), Watergate (Nixon), the Iran-Contra Affair (George H.W. Bush and friends), Enron (Ken Lay and friends), Katrina (George W. Bush and friends), NAFTA (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush), Afghanistan (George W. Bush and friends) and Iraq (George W. Bush and friends). These scandals and wars have all involved riches for the perpetrators, through theft, illicit drugs, oil, etc. THEY were and are laughing all the way to the offshore banks! The super-rich think only about themselves, have no conscience, use “commoners” in many types of schemes to benefit themselves, and are eager to destroy anything and everything to get what they want.

THEY, the controllers, the Illuminati (the “enlightened ones”), the elite—have ruled us since the dawn of our history. They lie, kill, cheat, steal, double-talk, and convince us time after time that they have the solutions and are qualified to be our knights in shining armor. There is really only one political party in the United States—the Repubocrats. Every presidential candidate from both parties is part of the elite gene pool. The majority of our congressional representatives and senators also serve the mighty, and those who would serve the people find themselves dead (Paul Wellstone) or jobless. The elite are the consummate politicians, showing the public a cordial, caring mask but privately greedy, lustful, murderous, and calculating. The only glimpses we have had of their private lives are in the tabloids and in unauthorized portraits and biographies. Recently, however, an astute observer and reader can readily see that things are amiss, that lies are transparent, that in many ways “things don’t seem right.” The main problem for most of us is that we are simply too busy to consider these notions and certainly too busy and tired to read relevant material. And too, we have been supremely mind-controlled by our public educations, our religions, our movies, and our televisions. The advent of the public internet, in addition to providing us with recreation and rapid communications, has also given us the world of information, much of it on the subjects covered in this book. The party line, of course, is “How do you know what you read on the internet is true?” I say that various responsible reporters’ singing the same song, and the realization by many of us that we’ve been “had” is much more the truth than what we read in our so-called newspapers, hear from our president, and waste our time with on most “news” television and radio.

OK, kids, it’s time to cut the old system loose and let it implode. It doesn’t work for us; it has always worked for “them.” Time to reinvent ourselves, to realize we are incredibly powerful spiritual beings on limited physical journeys. We are here on earth at this particular “tipping point” in time precisely because we CAN make the evolutionary leap. We need only to make friends with the other unused 80% of ourselves and practice living from the soul.

The choice is clear now: join ‘em and go the old way, or hunker down, home-school the kids for a while, stock food and drinking water, and keep a low profile.

This (r)evolution is peaceful, filled with joy, love and compassion. It will not require guns or bombs. We have countless extraterrestrial and spirit allies waiting only for us to ask them for help. We are primitive. They are magical and often millions of years more advanced than we.

Young children and a few others know this. They will create our new society and must be kept safe. The UN has already vaccinated resistant parents’ children at gunpoint. First them, then us, in an unannounced child roundup, probably at public schools.

Surely you can see by now! Master Card posted 33% profits just today while we the people are falling apart. CEOs continue to make billions while we’re losing more jobs and services every day. It will only get worse for a while. From the chaos a more spiritual people and planet will emerge with unbelievable beauty.

Love, Sue

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