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Training Our Brains--2/10/09

Great chaos presents huge potential for change. With the continued destruction of the United States and the global economy, those who survive will have conquered fear, discovered their implicit personal divinity, nourished their bodies with healthful food and clean water, and manifested their needs and desires.

How do we accomplish these achievements? First, we need knowledge. Second, we decide our goals. Third, we discipline ourselves to meditate daily, hear and follow our soul guides and associate with others of similar mind.

1. Knowledge

We have lived for generations allowing others—parents, bosses, government—to dictate our behavior and provide goods and protection. We have lived prescribed lives—vaccinating our babies, depending upon controlled media for news, feeding ourselves and our children corporate food and drink, educating ourselves in public schools, eschewing higher education in colleges and professional universities, worshipping God in churches, and working, working, working.

In fact modern societies are artificial constructs, created by the rich and powerful, to provide themselves with wealth and power and rob the common person of their richness and enjoyment of life. We have been living in a global “Truman Show,” mechanically subscribing to rules of the day and enslaving ourselves to corporate America.

Even today we continue to present ourselves as lambs for the slaughter in the forms of “bailouts”—the most recent being the president’s “stimulus program.” These rescues of failed banks and corporations are nothing more than a massive transfer of our wealth to our already rich and powerful controllers. Can we not see their lies in the failing economy and their billions of profits at our expense?

2. Goals—Creating Homo spiritus and the new world.

We will be enslaved no longer. We will be victims no longer. We will assume responsibility of our own lives. We will decide our own physical, psychological and spiritual health. We will decide how to educate our children. We will simplify our lives and rearrange our priorities. We will learn to distinguish between needs and wants.

We wil allow useless constructs to disintegrate under their own weight by deleting them from our attention and material support.

We will love and respect the Earth and tread lightly upon her soil. We acknowledge that Earth Herself is a sentient being and will partner with Her and our galactic cousins i Her rification.

We will love and respect our personal selves. We are spiritual beings on physical journeys. We are eternal, living this particular 3-dimensional life for a purpose. That purpose is creation of the new human, the enlightened ones, the next step in our eternal existence as part of the cosmic God.

We will learn to see beauty everywhere, feel gratitude for the seasons and their abundance, and love ourselves.

We will BE the change we want to see in the world.

We will connect with other in a new way and cooperate for the good of all.

3. Personal Discipline

Every person finds their soul in a different way—meditation, music, art, family. Learning to be with ourselves in total silence, especially controlling our brains’ ceaseless chatter, is the first step to reconnecting with our own soul. Recognize the still, small voice of God, our own intuition, our spiritual guides. Release extraneous thoughts and noise. Disconnect wireless electronic fields and leave phone, i-pod, music and television off. Go outside. Sit in nature. Be quiet. Escape. Close our eyes.

We are responsible only for ourselves and our young children. Live and let live. Feel and nourish our own energy fields. Drop judgments. Delete critique. Feel our feelings. Allow others to do the same.

What is really important? The Old World and its ways are self-imploding. Capitalism has reached its limit. Do we really want to reconstruct them? Or do we want to reinvent ourselves and our planet?

Everything is energy. Energy follows our attention. What we think about, what we want, what we fear will be manifested. Delete fear! Drop the “news” media. Forget the “shoulds” and “oughts.” What do we want for ourselves? What do we want for our children? Imagine. Decide. Focus. Intend. Behave as if it is there already. Allow its manifestation.

Live in the moment. Let the past slide away. Our future is decided by our focus in the moment. Now. Now. Now. Enjoy. Laugh. Breathe. Release. Feel. Be grateful. Love yourself. Allow the flow.

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