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The next six months holds great chaos and challenges.  The Chinese character for “crisis” and “opportunity” are the same, and many young people already know their future lies in following their hearts and doing what makes them happy.  The “old school”—top-heavy, unworkable, expensive institutions in which we crones and old farts have been educated, residing, working, traveling, playing, trying to maintain our health in a disease-care system—is in the process of disintegrating under its own weight.  The materialistic and fear-based social systems in what once was the U.S.A. (now part of the Northern Union—Canada, Mexico, USA, Caribbean) are beginning to give way to a new human and a new earth.

The winter solstice of 2012 marks the beginning of an enormous wave of awakening of the world’s people, especially in this country.  Between now and then the old systems will fight for survival and the new ways—love, compassion, consciousness, awareness, galactic citizenship, real organic food and drink, unimaginable health—will begin to emerge.  We can see this happening right now in the mainstream attacks on certified organic food and natural vitamins and supplements, which “they” are trying to obliterate but which will prevail because it nourishes our bodies and minds without all the poisons in commercial food, drink and sweeteners.  We are also seeing the beginning of a ferocious attempt to enslavement us all by mandating the swine flu (very toxic, may contain microchips, does contain lots of squalene and mercury “adjuvants”) to “keep us safe” from a mild influenza which was genetically engineered and propagated in secret.  The World Health Organization is anything but.

These basic battles, with us in the middle, are caused by the elite New World Order (NWO) on the home stretch to completion.  Watch out for buzz-words:  “harmony,” “peace,” “global village,” etc.  “Their” NWO is a fascist state controlled with corporations, with one government (?headed by the United Nations), one currency, one army, one religion, and us enslaved to them (“1984,” “Brave New World”) via microchips.  Microchips are now nanochips, or molecular chips, and the best way to chip everyone would be via a mandatory vaccine.  Chips are not just our demographics—they contain tiny electronic antennae to be used to mind-control us.  “They” will literally be able to beam thought electronically into our brains, and it will seem to us like our own thoughts or the voice of god!  And FYI, the secret government does have artificial intelligence and human clones already!

“Are we alone?” is the most arrogant question asked in our time.  Just have a look at the Hubble pictures online or in a book.  As Carl Sagan said years ago, just in our galaxy alone are millions of suns, each with billions of planets, some of which are indeed inhabited.  “The Universe is teeming with life” (Steven Greer, M.D., <> ), and we are all contacted every day with ideas, thoughts, and crop circles by extraterrestrials and intraterrestrials—we call them angels, God, guides, intuition, our higher selves, etc.  They are mostly benevolent and concerned about our welfare, ready to help us and answer prayers, if we but ask.

As spiritual beings on physical journeys, our soul is our most precious possession. Our soul may have reincarnated in many different bodies and species, but karma is obsolete.  NOW, today, this life is the most important of all, and the reason we are here is to help birth a new human and a new earth.  We do that by removing ourselves from the noise and craziness of life as we have made it and being in nature, being still in silence, learning to listen to ourselves and our guides, being with like-minded people.  Meditation helps.  Relaxation techniques help.  The most difficult thing for most of us is to turn off our chatter-brain; once we learn that, we are in a different dimension, a different play within a play, a flowing river of consciousness, a connection to our higher selves.  Live in the now, live in the moment!  Try it—you’ll like it!

This fall and winter mark a major turning point—hang on for dear life and try to enjoy the ride!

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