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Alchemists of the Middle Ages sought to transform base metals to gold.  In a broader sense any alchemist endeavors to change the dregs of everyday existence into something more valuable, shiny and expensive. 
The American middle class, built for the rise of industry in the late 19th century and powered by corporate behemoths in the 20th, accomplished materialistic alchemy and we showered ourselves with stuff.  Now that middle class is being systematically dismantled and reduced to relative poverty, and we find ourselves faced with major uncertainty and decisions.
Now is when we become spiritual alchemists and rediscover our personal magic.  Now is when we evaluate the quality of our lives, not in terms of stuff but of our reasons for being and our lives’ work.  Now is when we re-discover that old longing for a distant and vague purpose and become students of the spirit.
Everything is energy.  Our every thought, word and touch leaves its signature and travels beyond the speed of light in the quantum world.  We create continuously—why not create the gold of possibilities, positivity, abundance, health, growth, peace and even utopia? 
We need to rediscover our spark of divinity, our personal magic and our ability to change the world by first changing ourselves, one moment and one thought at a time.  That is why we are here now and that is our life’s work.
It is most difficult for those of us still working in the traditional world, but even busy people can find those few precious moments to go inside themselves and through silence listen to their own soul.  Everything else is superficial.  Nature can help—taking breaks outdoors allows Earth to caress us with a breeze, serenade us with birdsong and glimpse the heavens.
Parents who feel the burden of responsibility for their children are the most likely to remain attached to the system of fear, money and materialism.  Fear not!  The greatest gift we give our children is to love them and our partner and participate with them in developing different beliefs and new activities of sustainability and environmental responsibility.
Yes, our homes may change.  Yes, our points of emphasis will change.  Yes, our educational methods and institutions will change.  Yes, our health care will become health-oriented and not sickness-dependent.  Yes, it takes faith.  Barter will replace money and greed supplanted with cooperation.
We must learn to think differently.  What really matters?  Happiness is about love, imagination, creativity and magic—things children of all ages accomplish with seeming grace and ease. 
We can all be alchemists and transmute the dark to light, negativity to potentiality, poverty to abundance, artificial to natural, illness to health, instability to foundations of stone. 
Now is the time. <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

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