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What is Truth?

Discerning truth is tricky, especially in a country where our lives are almost completely controlled.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that residents of the United States live in a superficial, greedy, consumer-driven society, and many of us are concluding that life should not be so shallow, that we are here for a higher purpose, and that there must be more to the stories we’re being told.  The more isolated we are, the easier for us to be mind-controlled and manipulated.

Each of us must learn to listen to our own hearts, where God lives in us.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within.  We all have a divine spark, but we have smothered it with noise, activity, work and external inputs.

If we delete much of the external noise, rediscover silence and hone awareness, we will again hear our inner voice.  It comes as a fleeting thought, a hunch, a distant echo.  We actually feel different when we listen to our hearts—lightened, vibrating—a fusion with our soul.

It takes practice.  It takes discipline.  It takes removal from the outside world and from inner turmoil, if only for a few minutes each day.

Sometimes it helps to change perspective.  Loving our neighbor as ourselves involves loving ourselves first, then changing a viewpoint, stepping into the other’s shoes.  Visiting, reading or listening to someone from a different culture helps us shift perspective and understand a different point of view.

There are no chosen people.  There is no right religion.  There is only LOVE.  Anything else is not from God, for God IS love.  Love is a powerful creator.  Any information which is not love is not God.

Nothing in print is solely the word of God.  By virtue of its material manifestation, any written information—including the Bible, the Koran, and the Torah—originates from both man and God.

The Word of God is in our hearts.  The moment one puts pen to paper, any information is at best a translation, and therefore a mixture of information.

Filtering information through the heart allows us to determine what is true and God-given.  Reading via the heart allows us to FEEL the truth and permits resonance to help us decipher truth from falsehood.

Truth FEELS right.  Truth RESONATES.  Truth makes SENSE.  Truth allows the “AHA!” moment.

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