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Here’s the real deal:  The elite/Illuminati/bluebloods in every country on our planet, but primarily in the U.K. and the U.S., have been writing, directing and producing the international, intergenerational play within a play for thousands of years.  The rest of us-- the simple folk/commoners/peasants--are the players!  

We have been given many hints of this profound truth, such as “What Do the Simple Folk Do?” the song from Camelot.  Shakespeare, or Francis Bacon if you prefer, told us years ago, “All the world’s a play and we the players.”  American leaders from colonial times have said or written many telling statements:  “If the American people knew what we have done, there would be rioting in the streets,” said George H.W. Bush.  Henry Kissinger called retirees “useless eaters” and military recruits “cannon fodder.”

The elite steal from us (bailouts, savings and loan scandals, taxes) and laugh all the way to the bank.  They kill us or make us chronically sick so that we use our medical system and make them more money.  They contaminate our children’s vaccines and brain-wash “professionals” in their universities to be instruments of killing and maiming. They poison our food, water and air. They spy on us and deny due process.   They are everywhere in our society.

Homo sapiens has been under the control of this more technologically advanced and smarter sub-species since our beginning, and we have one big, huge chance right now of escaping their control and springing ourselves from jail!  We have more than a little help from our friends (disembodied/off-planet beings/spirit/angel/benevolent ET/God), if we just ask them for assistance. Our captors have kept us controlled by fear in its many forms.  They have cleverly manipulated cultures and societies to serve them, make them wealthier, and be sacrifices for their pleasure. We have served them too long. 

We must awaken to our own authentic identities as divine co-creators in physical form, as powerful individuals who stand strong in truth, and be willing to leave the “old world” behind and create a new one of our own desires, not theirs.  This is the time to make love, not war.  This is the time to call all our troops home.  This is the pivotal moment for us to save ourselves, to be our own messiahs.  This is the time for replacing the old school, imagining and building a future of peace, abundance and real freedom for our children, “unto seven generations” as the First People (native Americans) say.  “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

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