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To the Editor of the NEJM:

I am a former pediatric hematologist/oncologist disabled with “fibromyalgia” and two-gene osteoarthritis.  I have continued my interests in alternative healing since retirement.

Four months ago I underwent advanced orthogonal chiropractic, a computer-assisted ultrasound technique to align C1 with the foramen magnum.  I can only describe it as “the magic bullet.”  Within seconds my left vertebral artery opened, flushing my face; my visual acuity completely corrected; my muscles no longer hurt, and I felt “askew” as my chronic neurologic “midline shift syndrome” disappeared.

Orthogonal chiropractic, now being researched formally and compared to medical management, apparently cures many diseases and disorders, including M.S. and other neurodegenerative diseases, disc disease, neuropathies and rheumatoid arthritis.  The chiropractors are the first to say they only realign C1—the healing comes from within.

I hope this letter will be of help to physicians and patients.

Sue McIntosh, M.D.

Note: Publication refused by NEJM.

CURING “FIBROMYALGIA”—short form--06.30.12 Back to TOp

  1. Skeletal: advanced orthogonal chiropractic--alignment of C1.
  2. Diet:  gluten-free, non-dairy, low-carb, organic, non-genetically modified, raw, real food.
  3. Water:  filtered, non-fluoridated, non-additive from tap, well or spring.
  4. Vitamin:  vegan high-dose vitamin D with arctic fish oil, plus vegan multivitamin.
  5. Mineral:  vegan mineral supplement.
  6. Medication:  antidepressants (natural or pharmaceutical), exercise, homeopathic.
  7. Hormones:  allopathic or naturopathic regulation—menopause “rocks”!
  8. GI:  reflux and constipation management, diet, homeopathic, occasional surgery.
  9. Alcohol avoidance.
  10.  Exercise.
  11.  Spiritual/intuitive living.
  12.  Open mind, open heart.
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CURING FIBROMYALGIA—blog 07.01.12 Back to TOp

I am a retired pediatric hematologist/oncologist and have suffered from fibromyalgia (FM)—mild since childhood, severe the last 30 years.  I practiced integrative medicine for a decade before retiring disabled in my 50s.  Since then I’ve been resting, gardening, learning and continuing to try alternative methods for both FM and concurrent two-gene osteoarthritis.
Here is a list of methods I have found particularly useful:

  1.  Advanced orthogonal chiropractic: This chiropractic specialty involves only the first (C1, or the “atlas”) and second (C2, or the “axis”) cervical vertebrae and uses ultrasound rather than manual methods to manipulate C1.  It is a life-altering treatment, the elusive “magic bullet”!  A clinical and radiologic evaluation determines the relationship of the atlas to the foramen magnum, the large hole in the under-back of the skull where the lower brain tapers to form the spinal cord.  The brainstem north of the foramen regulates breathing, heart rate and other automatic physiology.  Nerves to all the body emerge south of the foramen.  The tunnel formed by the foramen and C1 also contains the vertebral arteries outside the dura mater and cerebrospinal fluid bathing the neurologic structures inside the dura.  X-rays are used to determine mal-alignment of C1 and the angles of tilt and twist.  Data are then fed into a computerized machine that determines the direction of one sound-generated wave.  A specially designed table positions the patient perfectly for the sound wave to hit the one corrective spot on C1 that adjusts the vertebra back into normal alignment with one audible click.  Learn more at, or by googling “advanced orthogonal chiropractic” on   The result for me was instant and life-changing—my left face flushed as the vertebral artery was decompressed (probably from a birth injury); my body felt askew (I always had poor posture and “listed” to one side); my back and buttock muscles did not hurt from the hard table; my vision without glasses was so good I looked around for the 5-minute rest period with no eye fatigue, and my neuro-optic “midline shift syndrome” was gone!  My post-treatment x-ray showed perfect alignment.  I was driven home with a soft cervical collar for a few hours, then rested, hydrated, took a high-quality vitamin-supplement and enjoyed my new self with graduated physical activity and frequent brief clinical exams.  In the months since, I have had no pre-storm ionic pain episodes, minimal trigger-point pain, no undue muscle pain, stamina appropriate for an old woman my age, improved tinnitus and hearing in a partially deaf left ear, minimal light and sound hypersensitivity, better memory and improved pain tolerance, happiness and social skills!  This technique has also cured multiple sclerosis, deafness, loss of smell, chronic headache, neurodegenerative diseases, disc pain, rheumatoid arthritis and peripheral neuropathy and has helped relieve many other physical problems.  CSF and blood flow to the spinal cord might cause many diseases thought to be antibody-related or inflammatory!
  2. Spiritual healing:  God is love, and we are spiritual beings on physical journeys.  Meditation, awareness, gratitude and love are cornerstones of a spiritual life.  Most of us are familiar with mind-body illness and healing, and some understand the tremendous value of body awareness, communication and cellular memory.  Many masters now walking the earth teach us about the meeting of science and spirit, helping us to change perspectives and construct more flexible beliefs.  Everything is energy, including our thoughts, and the butterfly effect of mental imagery is phenomenal.  The placebo effect has risen from 10 percent 50 years ago to well over 50 percent now.  We can even modify our DNA. This is how we create our reality.  Becoming cosmic citizens means benevolent extraterrestrials/angels/God are only a thought away and are available to help us evolve.  Epigenetics is convincing many scientists that thought and environmental factors can indeed change our DNA, which translates to curing disease and reversing aging.  I was gifted with a team of ETs, including a tall gray, a mantis person, a cat-person and several light-bodies.  They have fitted me with many different templates and send sparkles and colored light frequencies to my body via my aura.  The body and other physicalities are created by blueprints in our etheric auras, so any meaningful physical change begins there.  Many guides help me, including my parents and friends who have passed over, Ptah, Kryon, Nameless and other messengers of God/Love.  Learning to live intuitively rather than mentally, moment by moment, has meant the end of stress and worry and the continuation of beauty and abundance.
  3. Food and water:  Life is about re-learning, and I have re-re-learned that certified (or equivalent), real organic, non-genetically modified food and filtered clean non-fluoridated water is the only way to properly nourish the physical temple.  Gluten sensitivity was the primary cause of the extreme fatigue and heaviness of my FM.  The amount and prevalence of brain-rotting, sugar-overloading additives to commercial and restaurant food is unbelievably prevalent, horrible and addictive.  Eating gluten and lactose-free, high-protein and low-carb has become a way of life.  Obesity simply melts away, and I have lost 75 pounds so far.  Feeling better enables me to move and exercise more, and I have emerged from my bed-cocoon to walk, hike, garden and socialize more comfortably than ever.
  4. Mood elevators:  Depression is a hallmark of FM, whether reactive or primary.  Antidepressants—pharmaceuticals, natural supplements, exercise—are often necessary and may be a permanent aspect of our health regimen.  I have been unable to wean myself from fluoxetine and am resigned and grateful that “whatever works” may come from the drug industry.
  5. GI:  Constipation is often a chronic component of FM and of growing older.  It can also be a congenital facet of mild cutis laxa variants—weak collagen producing floppy musculoskeletal and internal structures.  Intestinal manifestations are esophageal dystonia (trouble swallowing pills except with food), gastric reflux or heartburn, slowed intestinal transit time, constipation and twisting of kidney, spleen or ovaries.  An adequate colon regimen of probiotics, fiber, laxatives or homeopathic remedies is often needed permanently.  Gastro-esophageal reflux or hiatal hernia may be severe and occasionally require surgery.
  6. Hormones:  Cycles of estrogens and progestins that characterize women’s hormonal health are difficult problems for younger women with FM and sometimes require regulation.  Working, parenting and eldercare with FM are exhausting.  Menopause is a great relief.  Hypothyroidism becomes more common with age.  The child abuse reported by one-third of women with FM has its own psycho-emotional-physical ramifications which can be life-threatening.
  7. Energy boosters:  Coffee, dark chocolate and energy drinks are readily available and crucial to many who have responsibilities for others. Thyroid replacement helps.  Movement disciplines (qi gong, tai chi, yoga, etc.) and electromagnetic techniques (“rife machines” or are also helpful.
  8. Alcohol and nicotine avoidance:  Alcoholism and tobacco use are common debilitating and potentially lethal habits or addictions.  Beer contains gluten.  Alcohol in general worsens the muscle pain and lassitude of FM.  Stop drinking.  Stop smoking.  Go to Alcoholics Anonymous if necessary.  Find new social circles.
  9. Acupuncture:  Thin Japanese needles for acupuncture are more tolerable than Chinese needles.  I used acupuncture specifically to replace pharmaceuticals prior to surgery.  Acupuncture alone could have been used in place of medications on a chronic basis, but I found the needle placement more uncomfortable over time, so chose to use it sparingly.  Based on stimulating the ancient oriental meridian/energy lines and intersections of the physical body, acupuncture alone has a prominent place in any therapeutic management of many different diseases and problems.  It is extremely effective for pain relief, addictions, improved circulation and digestion, immune stimulation and overall health.
  10. Movement disciplines:  After major abdominal surgery I learned ki/qi gong, a Korean and Chinese movement discipline well suited to the handicapped.  I remembered reading that a small hospice clinic in China taught all the patients qi gong with an astounding 95% healthy discharge rate.  That may be one reason falun gong followers in China have been persecuted and executed for many years—it works!  My ki gong teacher took me through a psychotic episode (probably brought on by narcotics and medication confusion on my part).  Like yoga, tai chi and other peaceful movement disciplines, ki gong continues to be an effective life-tool for me.
  11. Allopathic medications and supplements:  At diagnosis at age 46 my internist treated me with nortryptiline, a tricyclic antidepressant.   Not happy with the associated weight gain, I changed to a combination with fluoxetine a few years later.  I also take the NSAIDS naproxen at maximal doses twice a day for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. During my professional career I had long, stressful but happy workdays and many worknights, and these pharmaceuticals worked well and allowed me ten more years as an allopathic physician.  During that time I was a full-time member of the medical staff of a nearby Ivy medical center for 10 years, later moving to private practice.  I can’t say enough about the wonderful energies and capabilities of my colleagues and staff in both locations.  My illness provided abundant blessings—time to read, listen to tapes and attend short local seminars.  I learned  conspiracy is fact, not theory.  Having practiced and taught integrative medicine, I was totally free to investigate, experience and teach the techniques, potions and supplements that helped me the most: glucosamine, chondroitin, high-dose vitamin C, acetaminophen, reiki, etc.
  12. Vitamin D replenishment:  Alternative health, always thought very “unscientific” by allopathic/western medicine, is full of anecdotes and educational material about vitamin D, especially for those of us living north or south of 40 degrees latitude where sunlight is more sparse and vitamin D deficiency is rampant.  I began taking arctic fish oil with vitamin D, 15,000 units/day ( and experienced less pain and more stamina.  My OH-D3 levels are in the upper-normal range.  Regardless of scare tactics used by mainstream media, high doses of vitamin D (HDVD) are not harmful.  In fact, HDVD is said to be equivalent to chemotherapy for breast and prostate cancer and is said to produce spontaneous remission of other diseases as well.  Parenthetically, high-dose vitamin C pioneered by Linus Pauling in the 1950s won him a Nobel prize; he then created “orthomolecular medicine,” showed that HDVC can cure osteoarthritis (while causing gas and diarrhea, useful for constipated fibromyalgics!) as well as serious viral infections, and was declared a quack by the medical establishment.  Both verses of this same song are examples of the power of BigPharma over physicians and professional organizations in the last 100 years.
  13. Micro-colloidal silver:  MCS ( or “nanosilver”   is another thorn in the side of corporate medicine, agriculture and pharmaceuticals.  Unlike common colloidal silver suspensions, which can cause gray skin and kidney trouble with prolonged use, MCS is a much smaller colloidal (bubble containing silver) suspension which allows the silver to penetrate into joints and the central nervous system.  This form of silver can be made with a home generator, stored in brown bottles, and used for first aid, mild wound infections (including MRSA) and candida topically, some internal infections, oral health and nail fungus.  MCS is a powerful broad-spectrum preventative and treatment for mild-moderate bacterial, fungal and some viral infections.  The FDA, controlled by corporations like all other national and global organizations—including the World Health Organization—has tried to prevent common folk having access to MCS and many other supplements, vitamins and natural treatments, unless they are manufactured by BigPharma.  I drank 4-6 oz/day of  MCS for 4 years when Dr. Garth Nicolson found positive PCR tests for Mycoplasma incognitus and Lyme disease in at least 50% of blood or CSF samples from persons with gulf war syndrome, fibromyalgia and other chronic fatigue syndromes.   Had the mycoplasma been placed in the new recombinant hepatitis B vaccine as it might have been placed in the anthrax vaccine given to all but French soldiers going to Iraq in 1991?  After all, there is very good evidence that the HIV virus was placed in hepatitis vaccines in field trials treating gay men in the U.S.A.  There are several important investigative reports (Strecker, Boyd, Horowitz) strongly suggesting HIV was bioengineered, maybe like every new “emerging” disease we’ve been introduced to in my lifetime.  I live 40 miles from Plum Island, a level 4 tick and mosquito secret biowarfare lab.  I knew people in a nearby ivy league medical university who originally discovered Lyme disease and have seen them shred gentle educated physicians ( who knew Lyme indeed can become chronic or cross the placenta.
  14. Ionic, electric and magnetic tools:  Royal Raymond Rife, Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich were American geniuses of the 1930s.  Tesla invented alternating current, the fluorescent lightbulb, an “earthquake machine” precursor to HAARP, zero-point energy from the vacuum and wireless communication.  Rife developed the electric function generator and discovered many different frequencies to treat first bacteria and fungi in petri dishes and later a variety of illnesses in people and animals.  In fact his cure rates were so high BigPharma burned his lab and suppressed the information, which was kept alive and expanded in China and Russia for the next 50 years.  This effective technology is currently used by chiropractors and physical therapists and is sold in many forms over the internet.  I use it for general pain, strained muscles and dissolving eye floaters.  Reich harnessed the “ethers,” which he called “orgone” (and we call “empty space”) to cure patients with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses in a special room or “iron lung” device.  He too was driven out of the U.S.  The void is anything but empty—it is filled with basic energy units that alter their own shapes back and forth to emit energy: nano-versions of little benign atomic energy plants with no radioactive mess.  That is why the void has multiple potentialities and can be used for electric power, healing, etc.
  15. Psycho-emotional practices:  These include therapy, analysis, supportive personal relationships, wholesome sexuality.  I was brought to the brink and saved many times in Freudian psychoanalysis, a process more painful than medical training.  My analyst was a wizard then and a good friend now.  In my 40s I (finally) admitted and explored my homosexuality, and my social life exploded.  My wife and I were one of the first couples on the east coast to be married legally.  She is my soul-mate and my best friend and has helped me through many difficulties.
  16. Open mind, open heart:  An open mind leads to worlds of new experience and new beliefs.  Open heart creates and receives love moment by moment.  Try living in the flow--magic happens!

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