Letters to My Grandchildren

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Human society is at a fork in the road.  Each of us is at that fork, and each of us must make the choice, every moment, of living the old way or of co-creating a new and better way of life.  The old way is based on greed--money, materialism, control and sex.  The new way is based on love and consciousness—cooperation, compassion, appreciation, joy. 

If we choose the new way, we make the evolutionary leap to a new human species.  We find happiness.  We birth “The New Jerusalem,” “Utopia,” “The New Age.”  Yes, it is happening now--this moment, and this one, and this one.  We have begun the “Thousand Years of Peace” our ancestors dreamed and spoke of.  It is here and it is now.

WE MUST AWAKEN!  Read, watch and listen to people like David Icke, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Sedona Magazine, John Lenin, John Denver, Barbara Marciniak and many others. 

I have studied how the world works for many years.  I am passing on to you what I have learned and experienced so that you can grow, make the choice for a new way, and find ultimate happiness. 

Nonjudgement of ourselves and others is essential.  Each person has their own journey and is free to make their own choices.  We are responsible only for ourselves and our dependent children in this regard.   

Delete fear!  Love is the engine of the new way.  If you believe commercial “news”, rules and regulations, you will be stuck in the old ways, where we are the slaves of the elite.  By detaching from old fearful ways, we begin to realize that our familiar world is indeed a stage and we are all players.  We also write the script for our play and can change the whole production any time!

Living from the heart means feelings are more important than thinkings.  Following our joy means being guided by our own self and not others.  What a spectacular time to be a living human!


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God Back to Top

Dear Children,

Who or what is God?  Humans have asked this question for thousands of years.  We have been divided into different religions, based mostly on cultural background, race (skin color), parental preference or personal experience.

Some people believe God is a person like you and me, only bigger and much smarter—or three persons in one (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit).  Some believe there is no God at all and Planet Earth, as well as the cosmos (all universes, galaxies and stars), happened by accident. 

Some religious groups believe they are special—“chosen” or “saved”--and think their particular belief system is the only true and correct one.  They evangelize, or preach, to convert others to their group or church.

Highly spiritual messengers who have lived among humans on Earth are Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Isaiah, Shiva, Zoroaster, Ghandi and others.  All were courageous teachers who explained that God is Love and taught us to be better people. 

God is Love.  Love creates all beauty, laughter, comfort, dance, music and other good feelings.  God is everywhere--in each person, animal, plant, rock, star, grain of sand, drop of water.  Love is where all creation begins and continues every moment.

God infuses all with information, or light.  God blends with us and guides us from our hearts.  God helps us trust ourselves and fear nothing.

Each of us can make choices to become more loving, more aware, more conscious, more God-like.    As we become more loving individuals, we help nourish the Earth and teach other people. 


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Beauty Back to Top

Dear Children,

Beauty is everywhere around us.  I love nature and being outdoors.  I use all my senses to enjoy--seeing (flowers), feeling (breeze), hearing (birds), smelling and tasting (food).

Sunrises and sunsets are two of my favorite events, and they happen every day!  At the ocean the blood-orange sun shines on the water like an upside-down tower of sparkling light, dancing and flickering over the water. And the sky-colors—new shades of color every day! Awesome!

I’ve always been fascinated by looking through a microscope or a magnifying glass.  Every leaf, blade of grass, grain of sand or human hair has a fantastic array of beautiful construction.  A world of one-celled life like bacteria and paramecium busily work like ants, and you can watch them by putting a drop of pond water under a microscope.

People in my world of duality (black and white, up and down, in and out) are beginning to learn to enjoy nature and life.  We are learning to slow down, to stop, look and listen.  Time slips away from us when we are too busy.  If we make too much to do, we stress ourselves—then we become sick in one way or another and our problems multiply.

We are learning to live differently, “go with the flow” and live in the moment.  My parents taught us that we must work hard (usually for some else), save money, educate ourselves (usually in “institutions of higher learning”) and raise “responsible” children.  They dismissed folks who did otherwise as shifty, lazy and a drain on society, the same way many working adults view us old people now.

Now that I am old, I see my life is full of beauty.  I am learning to enjoy every moment.  As the Navajo People tell us,

                  Beauty before us
                  Beauty behind us
                  Beauty to the right of us
                  Beauty to the left of us
                  Beauty above us
                  Beauty below us
                  Everywhere is beauty.

Stella                                                            07.02.2012

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Magic Mind Back to Top

Dear Children,

I was taught that children’s imaginations are “magical thinking” and have no place in the “real world.”  A child’s world revolves around themselves, and anything good or bad that happens is because of their thoughts and wishes.
Well, surprise surprise!  Now we are learning the way to create a life of happiness is to imagine what we want, then ask our angels for it, forget about it and then it appears!

But. . .if what we want depends on others, magic mind does not work.  For example, you might really really want your divorced parents to be together again.  But your parents got divorced for their own reasons:  they “fell out of love” for one another, they “fell in love” with someone else, addictions surfaced, and many other reasons.  The grownups didn’t plan it that way—they made a mistake.  Divorce is a good example:  your mom and dad loved each other when you were born, but later they realized they had made a mistake, found another partner they loved more, and made a big change from their hearts.  They make their own choices for their lives, just as you will, and often children are hurt.  Your parents do not want to hurt you but sometimes they do anyway.  Your wishes and prayers usually do not change family structure because adults make those choices.  Talk with your parents about your sadness and ask them why they got divorced.

Here’s how magic mind works:  You are trying to find something or you want a special gift.   Picture it in your mind.  Talk to yourself and your angels and ask them to help you.  Be sure to say or wish for whatever is best for everyone.  Forget about it.  See what happens.
Sometimes what is best for everyone is not what you want, like divorced parents.  They divorced for a reason and you might understand better when you’re older.  They absolutely did not divorce because of anything you said or did.  Divorced parents do not get back together except at graduations, weddings, naming ceremonies and funerals.  

Try not to be sad.  Try to understand.



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Water Back to Top

Dear Children,

Water in all its forms is so precious to us.  It forms much of Earth’s beauty, and nothing tastes sweeter than a drink of filtered water from a well or spring.

All the Earth’s waters are in big trouble right now because of pollution and elites’ scramble to “own” them.  Can you imagine owning part of the ocean?  Countries that border any ocean have ownership of 12 miles of ocean off the shores.  Past the 12 miles is international water under “maritime” rule, used by everyone.

The most important uses of oceans are to cool and warm the Earth and to provide homes for aquatic plants and animals like whales, coral, dolphins and penguins. 

Countries with borders on oceans use fishing and oil drilling to harvest the sea’s wealth.  Here in the United States (U.S.A.), we have become a nation of fat, lazy people—and others who try hard not to be fat and lazy.  We eat so much fish that some fish are becoming extinct—huge beautiful fish like swordfish and tuna, and small fish like flounder.   Some fishermen like to go deep-sea fishing for the bigger fish and they preserve them and hang them on their walls for trophies rather than eating them.  Not-so-rich people eat only fish scraps as sandwiches, fish sticks and patties.

A few years ago a Japanese man named Matsuro Emoto proved that thoughts, words and emotions affect the crystalline structure of water.  If he used a water sample from a pure spring, the ice crystals from the melting water were spectacularly beautiful, intricate, symmetric snowflakes.  If the water was polluted or dirty, the patterns collapsed and the snowflakes were misshaped.  The astounding discoveries he made, however, were beautiful crystals made in response to written or spoken words of love:  “thank you”, “I love you”, etc.  Ugly or misshaped crystals resulted from negative messages:  “I hate you”, “you’re ugly”, etc.  Water responds to our speech and thoughts!

Elite rich people are trying to control waters of the world.  When I was small my parents often took us to see the big hydroelectric dam on the Tennessee River, one of the first built by the Tennessee Valley Authority, a national agency.  As the water was held back, it formed a huge lake (drowning many former farms), and when it was released in rushing torrents, the power generated was captured by huge turbine engines and converted to electricity.  The electric power was then sent to homes and businesses through copper wires strung on telephone poles about 20 feet high.  In bad weather, like ice or snow storms or hurricanes, the poles and wires would break and customers would not have power for heat, lights, etc.  That happens today too, doesn’t it?

The biggest waste of drinkable water is its use in toilets.  We are told we are civilized, but how can that be when we contaminate good drinking water with body wastes?  After using the toilet, we push a handle on the side and “flush,” using several more gallons of clean water!  I think outhouses are much better—dig a hole in the ground, put a seat on top and voila!--an environmentally responsible and useful toilet.  Composting toilets are even more useful and can be installed indoors.


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Communications Back to Top

Dear Children,

Television was first available when I was a teenager.  I was too busy to watch much TV, but my younger sister would sit 3 feet from it entranced.  Since then, I’ve seen babies and young children instantly hypnotized by TV and movies. 

Electronic wizardry is used to entrain the brain of the watcher—that is, TV includes not just the picture and sound but invisible wavelengths that match those of our brains—alpha, beta, theta (different hertz, or cycles/second).  This technique allows material transmitted to our homes and businesses to download into the watcher’s brain.  “Commercials,” or little plays, cartoons and songs to sell a product, use entrainment, repetition, and subliminal methods to sell us their product or message.  Subliminal (inaudible) messages are also used widely in popular music—rock and roll, rap and other forms.

Many of us enjoy faster communication with cell phones and video technology.  With all the speed, fun and ease, there are down-sides too—biological hazards of electromagnetic radiation, more extensive mind control and addiction.  Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) damages DNA and cells and can cause headache, tiredness, and cancer.  EMR can be minimized by short exposure to the equipment and body-shielding from bigger fields.  Use a piece of aluminum foil between you and your laptop or i-pad.  Buy or make a shield for cell phones.  Some European countries do not allow children under 15 to own cells because EMR is so dangerous to young bodies!  Use this technology briefly.  Don’t live or go to school near cell towers or high-transmission electric lines.  Wear a necklace or bracelet guard to protect yourself from wifi everywhere (especially home)—even better, imagine yourself in a cocoon of sparkly light and ask your angels to protect you from EMR.


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Beliefs Back to Top

Dear Children,

One way to dramatically change our lives is to believe differently.  To begin, let’s not assume that “normal” is correct.  There is no normal. Everyone sees events and actions from their own perspective, and it helps to know what others are feeling when they see the same things as you.
What we “believe in,” what’s important to us, changes during our lives.  Crises or other events propel us into a different direction.  Chinese people use the same character/word for both “crisis” and “opportunity.”  Our beliefs form our world.  That is how we create our lives.  We need to practice that ability and learn to think our own thoughts.

Some great modern teachers believe the universe is a matrix, a mind-computer construct.  Other great teachers like Jesus say God is Love, and we humans have a spark of God in our hearts.  That’s an example of beliefs and perception. 

Living from the heart is what I try to do every moment.  The moment, the NOW, is what draws or attracts similar energies for the next moment.  It’s what a person believes that delivers the journey.  Life here on Planet Earth is about growth and learning to change our beliefs when we understand something new.  Life is also about enjoying the beauty, love and beings around us—every moment, every day, every night.

What a wonderful time to be living a human life on Earth!  We and you and our families and friends are changing ourselves, and as we change, our life and our world changes.  BE the change! 


Telepathy Back to Top

Dear Children,

Most people in my world communicate with each other with spoken, written or printed words.  The communication tools we use are conversation face to face or over the telephone or, more recently, via cable or wireless methods like video, email and skype.

I am just learning telepathy.  When someone “comes to mind” (my grandmother’s phrase), it usually means they need me or I need them. I phone them or write a note or send them email.   Often indeed they were in crisis and needed me.

As my society is learning to listen and be much more aware, I hear people say “I was just thinking of you!”  ESP (extrasensory perception) my mother called it.  Or, “I was just about to call you—that’s weird (means uncomfortable or strange)!”  We call it synchronicities.  There are no coincidences.

When I think of people, my mind shows me a picture of that person.  Thinking in pictures was introduced to us by people with autism, an unusual personality which is extremely sensitive to everything.  Then another layer of my mind forms a fantasy of them (despair, drinking too much alcohol, etc.).  One morning watching the sunrise, for example, I imagined my 5-year-old granddaughter with me and what we would see and talk about.  Later in the day she phoned us! 

Sometimes—often, in fact—the fantasy is not accurate or even close.  I suspect interference by a negative entity or “little devil.”  That very first picture of the person is usually the most accurate.  It’s the same every time we make a choice:  the very first idea we had, the very first clothes we selected, the very first nudge or faint notion is the most accurate and comes from God, our Higher Self, our Angel, our intuition.  Learning to trust that first answer leads to living a much different life and puts us “in the flow.”  We change from humans thinking to humans being!

A third layer of thought is what psychiatrists call the superego, which is all our parental and school teachings, along with societal rules and regulations.  I believe you will evolve much more than I so that you will have fewer restrictions and more personal freedom.

You will also be much more skilled at wordless communication than we are.  I communicate with birds, animals, plants and nature telepathically.  In churches people pray a lot, thanking their personal God for events or things and asking Him (God is always male to them) to help them through crises and other things.  God as the Spirit of Love has no gender.  It is pure, Consciousness, everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  We communicate telepathically with God most of the time, not just on Sundays at church.

Telepathy in all its forms is magical to many, but I am beginning to understand it because I am “clairsentient,” or sensitive to feeling.  “Clairvoyant” people see into other dimensions—UFOs, people who have died, extra-terrestrials.  “Clairaudients” can hear other dimensions.  More and more people are becoming “clair”-something as we evolve spiritually.  Those who have chosen to remain in the old-school system believe people like me are crazy.


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War Back to Top

Dear Children,

War is one of the most horrible things people do to each other.  Americans have been told that going to war and invading others is “right” and “holy” because we are defending our country from terrorists and “fighting for our freedom.”  That is a big lie.  War kills and hurts people and pollutes the earth with “depleted uranium” (DU) from our bullets and bombs.

DU is the radioactive material left over after nuclear power plants have extracted energy from it.  America has never had a good plan for this garbage.  In 1974 the nuclear power industry began secretly to put it in bombs, and now it is put into all bullets and even metal furniture like mattress springs.  DU is left wherever our armed forces have fought. There it pollutes dust, sand and soil and reaches native peoples via their food, air and water.  Because of DU, horribly deformed babies are more common than normal newborns in war-torn countries and among U.S. soldiers, and the incidence of cancer and leukemias in children and adults is sky-rocketing.

Brig. Gen. Smedley Butler, a retired military officer, wrote a book called War Is a Racket.  He and others learned that war is a means to control the world and further enrich the super-rich guys by stealing minerals, tea and coffee, heroin and cocaine, oil and gas and other natural resources.  Well-meaning missionaries and aid workers “open” a new country, then American armies and navies invade and convince the people our way of life is better than theirs.

Many young people are enlisting in the military because they can’t find a job to earn money, because it gives them food, because they want to “give back” or “for freedom.”  Freedom?  Really?

Our elite controllers have invented “wars” at home, too—on hunger, poverty, cancer, illegal drugs.  None of these home “wars” have worked but they have fooled us and made tons of money for rich people.

Not only are wars numerous but competition on playing fields of young athletes is fierce and often wounding.  The national past-time for couch-warriors (adults, usually men) is watching professional football or soccer.  Some of the players are animals and criminals, just as they are in war.

Recently he mainstream media carried two important photos and stories about criminals in our military—one photo showing 4 marines urinating on dead Afghanis and laughing, another a story about thousands of military women raped by our own military men every year.  The world already knows how the U.S. military abuses its prisoners.  Why should anyone wonder why the world hates us?

War is not good for children and all living things.  War is good only for warriors and defense contractors, who follow the military and make billions building bases, feeding and clothing soldiers, etc.  The worst injuries are on natives, civilians who happen to live in an invaded country—the military calls their deaths and wounds “collateral damage.”

If you know a soldier, ask him or her to stop fighting, even if they go to jail or lose their job.  Teach them how to work “mind magic” and not be afraid of being poor or not having enough to eat.  Killing and hurting each other as grownups is very bad.  Let’s all learn to live loving each other from our hearts instead.

Grownups can empower themselves and say “NO MORE!”
       We will not fight and kill for you!
            We will not sacrifice our children for your wars!
We are not victims any longer, and we will look   to ourselves, not you, to generate the power of life!
We refuse to pay for war with our taxes!  Even though you threaten to jail us, we refuse!
            We refuse your agenda!
We will be guided by Higher Powers, not by you!
We will no longer pollute the earth and her people with radioactive DU!

Children who constantly fight and scream at each other, hurt insects and animals, love money and are angry all the time make perfect soldiers when they grow up.  Please learn to play and live happily with each other. 


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09.11.01 Back to Top

  Dear Children,

Whenever our controllers want to start a war, they stage a “false flag attack,” an “inside job” totally done by our secret government and military but blamed publicly on the country our generals wish to invade.  Current wars in the Middle East were triggered by a “terrorist attack” on the World Trade Center—two very tall “skyscraper” office buildings in New York City.  Supposedly, 4 commercial jet airplanes were hi-jacked from Boston, and two flew into each tower of the Trade Center.  I watched it on TV, and it immediately raised many questions in my mind about its authenticity:


“9/11” was indeed a terrorist act—but the perpetrators were our secret governments:  U.S. CIA and secret service, British and Canadian Military Intelligence, Israeli Mossad, U.S. and Israeli top military brass, and political leaders.  It is important that you understand we are talking about Zionists—Jewish, Christian, Islamic and others.  We are NOT anti-semitic, which means “against the Jews.”  We DO disagree with Zionists and their old-school approach to life.

So, my darling children, NEVER join the military.  You will be transformed into killing machines and lose your souls.


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Stuff Back to Top

Dear Children,

Our society, until the last few years, has been an extremely materialistic “throwaway” middle-class America.  Our parents and grandparents worked very hard to give their children “a better life.”  I and my children, your parents, have also worked diligently to attain and keep this “higher standard of living.” 

This must have been part of “The Great Experiment” our founding fathers had in the 1700s when America (the U.S.A.) was claimed as a colony, later a “free” nation.  I have read that Britain never completely freed the U.S., if one reads the fine print in the treaty of 1776.  In those times the royalty of England (“the Crown”), Spain, France and Holland spent much money sending explorers sailing across the oceans to invade North America and the Caribbean Islands, annihilating the natives, and plundering their “newly discovered” countries for gold, silver, spices, tea and opium.

The elite (a dozen royal families, presidents, senators, governors, movie stars, Olympic athletes, the extremely rich) have always fought among themselves.  They are greedy beyond belief and love money, good food (always “certified organic,”), expensive clothes and toys, power and sex.  They are different from other humans—their genetics are “purer,” some say Reptilian—the fat cats, presidential advisors, university and corporate leaders.  They are above the law, care nothing about the rest of us (and use us often for food and sex, especially young children), lie constantly and worship Lucifer/Satan.  Today’s “movers and shakers” are Christian and/or Jewish Zionists, the white (public) and black (Jesuit) popes as well as royalty—lily-white, blond, blue-eyed “Aryans.”  Zionists are leaders and supporters of Israel and dedicated to controlling the world via the “new world order”—a motto printed on our one-dollar bills. 

Today the elite are trying very hard to start World War III, focused on the Middle East with their huge oil and natural gas reserves.  They are trying to censor the internet so people like us cannot learn the truth.  They have big plans, which may or may not be implemented, of creating a huge false flag attack with aliens and spacecraft, or “natural event” like the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed Japan, or a terrible germ epidemic that would kill most of us.  “To protect us,” they plan to instate martial law and keep us in our homes or risk being shot on site.  They want to incite civil unrest and war—that way we will kill each other and make money for them.  Don’t listen to “authorities” except for your parents—they will know what is best for you.

Back to stuff. . .We in the “great middle class” have had the “American dream”—a house of our own, incredibly large number of choices of material items from clothes to cruises, comfort, beautiful children, etc.  What most folks don’t know is the elite are disassembling the middle class; but they’re learning fast because they see in the main-stream “news” how corporate heads are making millions of dollars while the rest of us are losing everything.  We’ve learned how our stuff has been made outside our rich country by poor people enslaved to money because they want “a better life.”  Adbuster Magazine--a Canadian anti-corporate publication--inititated a nationwide protest called “Occupy Wall Street,” which has spread to many of our cities.  What folks do not know is that the OWS movement is funded by George Soros, a member of the elite.

A basic method of mass control used repeatedly by the elite is “divide and conquer”—supporting both sides of any conflict (including war) to create an outcome that furthers their agenda.  Another major method is “problem-reaction-solution”—creating a problem, anticipating mass response, then offering solutions.  An example is how they send computers and vaccination programs to poor people overseas, especially in Africa, highly publicized moves that make them look good.  In reality, they’re continuing their slow but calculated plan to “educate” through “brain-washing” and thereby control more minds.

Many Americans “sold our souls” for material riches but now have a much clearer understanding of our immense spiritual heritage and are trying to regain it.  After all, “You can’t take it with you” when you die.


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Censorship Back to Top

Dear Children,

Censorship means the government or boss tells a writer or speaker what they may or may not say or write.  I am being censored now by my computer server.  First they “mucked up” emails.  I’ve been pretty certain my land-line telephone at home has been tapped for years. 

Recently “they” (the elite) have started false-flag cyberwars—creating destructive viruses in Iran’s nuclear facilities and sending them over the public internet.  “Anonymous,” a group of hackers who wear “drama masks,” are protecting us (with a little help from their spirit-friends) and so far have invaded the U.S. Defense Department, Monsanto’s public relations company, and other strategic places. 

Although it has been claimed that the U.S.A. has “freedom of the press” (printed books) and “freedom of speech,” since the country was established in 1776, it is not really true.  Even Thomas Paine’s little book Common Sense was hard to get printed.  The big corporate publishers (Simon and Shuster, etc.) will not even consider my books (and many others) because the material in them is “controversial”/too truthful.  Recently the New England Journal of Medicine rejected my letter, “Curing Fibromyalgia.” 

Many who spoke or wrote the truth have been killed, probably by CIA assassination squads.  Examples are:

David Icke, one of the most important information messengers today, knows he is untouchable because he refuses to be afraid and create a reality in which he is killed.  Ron Paul, a Libertarian presidential candidate running as a Republican this year, wants to re-create the U.S.A. as described in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (all of which have been scrapped—most folks don’t know that), and get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank.  He is very heavily supported by young people, mostly on the Internet, and is being 99% “blacked out” in public media. 

Elections, supposedly “free and unrestricted,” have been rigged/controlled for years by not allowing certain groups like women and Black people to vote; prematurely closing voting locations; not counting absentee votes, changing electronic votes, or even letting the U.S. supreme court illegally decide the outcome of a close election!  Amazingly, most people today still believe their vote counts!


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Our Soul Back to Top

Dear Children,

Our soul is our spiritual connection to everything, everyone and everywhere.  It is our most valuable possession, and we carry it in our heart.  We can call our soul Heart too.

Our soul connects us to our real home, the one we left when we were born and the one we return to when we die.  It’s God in us.  It’s Love in us.

The biggest trick to living well is to listen to Heart’s first little nudge, then to do what it says.  It knows where we are going and what choices are best.  We learn to distinguish its voice from impulse and conscience, both of which are louder and seem more compelling.

Soul whispers to us for every choice.  Sometimes it’s a feeling, sometimes a picture, sometimes a word.  It comes to us softly on little cat-feet and sometimes gets lost in all the “should” and “oughts” and rules we’ve been taught.

Hearing and obeying Heart and Soul puts us “in the flow,” in the river of life, and relieves us from the stress of external demands.  It means we “become as little children” and spontaneously follow an internal navigation system.  It means time is determined only by the rising and setting of the sun and our own rhythms. 

It is easy.  It is simple.  It is the way of the new world.


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