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                                                By Sue McIntosh M.D.
A sharp division between “red” and “blue” is developing among states of the USA.  Although touted as a Republican vs Democratic political party division, it’s really about freedom of choice vs BigBrother control/modern fascism, or, as FL Gov. de Santis has coined, “faucism”. 
The blue states represent the residual “deep state” determined to implement the transhumanist New World Order, inherent in Democrat policies but including neoconservative and other fundamentalist agendas.  The red states include a majority of not only Trump-based Republicans but also Libertarians, anarchists and other proponents of humanism and spiritual evolution.
Freedom-loving residents, especially families with young children, are fleeing blue states for the red if they have the means to do so.  The rest of us are finding ourselves increasingly marginalized and portrayed as irresponsible, selfish, unclean, antivaxxers, not fit for public or commercial excursions.  My state of CT is poised to make all vaccines, including covid-19, mandatory for school children and soon everyone.  They’ve already introduced the “verified” driver license as a prelude to vaccine passports, which would require us to submit our personal information to a national or global data base (the “internet of things”) to be permitted to board a commercial plane as a stepping stone to laws separating people into “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed” groups.  Currently the state is “opening up” existing lockdown rules except for masks.
I am a freedom-loving, educated (self and academic), retired pediatric hematologist/oncologist who has survived ivy league medicine and severe vaccine-related and other chronic physical illness.  I studied and worked in the American medical system while it became more and more obvious that medical management and treatment were increasingly controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, or BigPharma.  Dr. Marcia Angell, the first woman editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, first exposed massive unreliability of “scientific”, BigPharma-funded studies.  Meanwhile, holistic healing methods (herbalism, energy healing, acupuncture, etc.) have become much more popular, and some forward-looking physicians and nurse practitioners have begun including them in their practices. 
We are energetic, electromagnetic beings with physical bodies.  Our 3D bodies are a community of over 3 trillion cells and over 10 trillion resident microbes working together in magnificent symphony.  Their environment is mostly water in a gel state.  Our biophotonic auras contain the templates for our physical structure.  Our bodies are our temporary home for our larger selves, which are connected to our souls and spirits and to other beings.  A major reason for our current existence is to learn to fuse our bioenergetic selves with our physical selves, allowing an easier  free-flowing intuitive life.  As residents of a physical world, another major task is learning to balance a spiritual life in a demanding negative 3D world. 
How do we accomplish such balance?  Our first allegiance must be to ourselves, to our intuitive senses, to the doctor within.  This heightened “vibration” is attained by trusting our inherent guidance, feeling gratitude from our first waking moment, contact with nature, meditation, breathwork, silence and being more than doing.  Introverts find these practices easier than extroverts, but introspection is critical for everyone. 
Americans are mentally overtrained to follow our brain’s instructions rather than rely on our innate wisdom.  Mental skills are valuable to negotiate the rapid pace of technological society, but the development of intuitive senses allows us to “go with the flow” while staying anchored to our soul-selves and  attend to the most pressing need of the moment.  With practice, living in the moment becomes easier and more natural.
Reconciliation and release of the past, especially forgiveness of ourselves and others, and learning to trust ourselves to create the future are major steps in living in the present moment.  STOP WORRYING!!  Anxiety and depression are rampant and may need medication as part of the self-care package.  Select practices and treatments that work best—yoga, pharmacologic medication, gardening, dancing, etc.
Nurturing our physical bodies provides avenues toward healing many chronic diseases:
  • Eat all organic food. Commercial food is toxic:  widespread taste enhancers are excitotoxins, overproducing the brain’s neurotransmitters leading to Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases; much meat, produce, and imported food has been irradiated, killing nutrients; genetically/bioengineered products are crippling; additives in nanoquantities to food and linings of containers contain neurotoxic and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances.  Over 80% of adults with chronic diseases improve with an organic diet!  Support your local organic farmer, food store or coop rather than corporate groceries.  The single biggest problem for most of us is overcoming preferred tastes.  We need to get serious and picky about our food, appreciate different tastes of nature’s bounty, and be willing to pay more for it.  Investing in our health is more important than saving money!
  • Drink clean water with love and appreciation. Masuro Emoto’s exquisite pioneering work has shown the water is conscious and responds to positive emotions and messages with beautiful crystals.  Water is the single biggest component of the body and as a gel encompasses every cell.  Mineralized spring water in glass bottles, distilled water with mineral supplementation, or reverse-osmosis water are healthiest.
  • Communicate with our cells, organs, systems and trouble spots in the body. Each of our 3 trillion cells and vast numbers of indwelling natural microbes is conscious and will readily communicate telepathically if we listen.  They flourish with attention and gratitude.
  • Walk, run, move, garden, dance!
  • Meditate regularly at least once a day in silence. Meditation teaches us to delete or quiet the brain’s “monkey mind” and is a valuable skill for increasing our spiritual vibration and for falling asleep.
  • Breathe deeply and relax frequently. Breath alone can instantly rebalance us, reduce stress and promote healing and contentment.
  • Sleep well. Melatonin at bedtime often helps.  Minimize electromagnetic exposure in the bedroom—routers, computers, phones. 
  • Delete all vaccines. The world outside the USA well knows the limited utility of vaccines and the acute and chronic hazards of adjuvants and other non-antigen contents.  Mercury and aluminum are the major cause of autism and most other pediatric and occupational neurotoxicities.  The new mRNA covid “vaccines” contain radical and untested genetic mRNA gene transfer technology, hazardous polyethylene glycol (PEG) and  body-monitoring hydrogel.  They do not protect against covid and are highly toxic and eventually lethal to elderly and anyone with underlying disease (most younger adults and children).
  • Posture is important to maintain alignment of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Energetic chakra attunement, reiki and spiritual/intuitive healing help general maintenance and repair.
  • Optimize vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, etc.: Good quality vitamins and minerals are best obtained in health food stores or online from reputable purveyors such as  Vitamin D levels can be measured, but our labs accept too broad a range as “normal”; optimal hydroxyD levels are 60-90, not 30-60.  Vitamin C is important for bone and immune health, optimal doses being 1,000-2,000 units/day.  Most popular commercial and wholesale vitamins (as well as most non-patented drugs) are manufactured in China with many impurities.  We all need good-quality multivitamins and minerals to supplement even a purely organic diet because of environmental soil losses.
  • Autism and neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.) can be healed or prevented nutritionally with specific diets, notably the low-carb overnight fast (no food after supper, delayed high-protein breakfast). Increasing sour vegetables and regular probiotics (rotating brands monthly) are other important elements.  Specific diets for autism spectrum can be found at Body Ecology and Defeat Autism Now online, using a non-Google/Bing/Chrome search engine (Yahoo, DuckDuckGo).
  • Conscious focused driving without texting or talking on a phone, listening to radio or music or conversing with passengers decreases accidents and stress.
  • An extraordinary specialized chiropractic technique called orthogonal chiropractic is limited to high-tech adjustment of C1, the first cervical vertebra and the only one not attached to others. Its position abutting the brain’s foramen, where the spinal cord begins is critical to prevent pinching of many blood vessels and nerves which also traverse the foramen-C1-2 path.  Many diseases can be dramatically improved with orthogonal adjustment.
  • Take care of number one first. Know personal limits.  Loving ourselves first is critical to a life of joy and service to others.
The blue-state media are doubling down attacks on vitamins, homeopathy, naturopathy and alternative healing.  They want us to eat poisonous commercial, genetically/bioengineered food, toxic new meat substitutes, sweets and “good-tasting” food in an effort to introduce the long-planned Codex Alimentarius, an internationally controlled list of corporate food.  We can vote out Democrats and refuse to consume this garbage, but it means careful selection of  groceries and restaurants.  Look for vegan and high-end restaurants and health-food store cafes.  Pay more, support them and INVEST IN OURSELVES!
We’re also on the cusp of official “cosmic disclosure” of long-held government secret communications, alliances and technology of our far-advanced extraterrestrial cousins.  Advanced individuals such as David Gilliland, Stephen Greer, Erich von Daniken, David Wilcock, Mary Rodwell and many others continue to reveal the magical presence of multitudes of benevolent extraterrestrials who are millions of years more advanced than we and are everywhere, including in ourselves and increasingly in young children.  They protect us from harm by negative entities, including plans for “alien invasion.”  Our invisible friends/cousins/higher selves are only a thought and heartbeat away, waiting for us to ask them for help.
We need to SHED VICTIM MENTALITY and realize how vast and powerful we are, especially when we connect with others of like mind.  David Wilcock, Ruppert Sheldrake and others remind us of our unity with all creative consciousness and the global effectiveness of reducing conflict with mass meditation.  So…
  • STOP BEING AFRAID!! Authorities and media do NOT have our well-being at heart.  Delete all mainstream “news” which is really mostly propaganda for social control by BigPharma and media monopolies.
  • Beware the technocracy and efforts to bind humans to universal artificial intelligence—covid “vaccines” and attractions to join the “internet of things.”
  • Abundance is ours!! Learn to forage.  Grow your own food.  Stash some canned and dried food and drinking water for up to a month of electronic blackout.  Practice barter.  Small organic farms and personal gardens can indeed feed the world.  Forget money, insurance, savings, Old School rules.  We usually have everything we need and can easily create or ask our higher powers for help and provisions.  
  • Practice and develop telepathy. Our technological grid is fragile, increasingly hacked, and may well soon fail us with large blackouts.
  • Walk, ride bikes, use hoverboards and other free-energy transportation.
  • Reinvent yourself professionally. Change jobs.  Choose happy, fulfilling work.
  • Cultivate personal spirituality in silence. Join global meditation groups.
  • Enjoy, appreciate, love, relish life!
  • Find and make friends while loving and allowing those with whom you disagree to follow their own path.
  • Get outside and love nature!
  • Re-invent education with friends and neighbors. Public education and higher education are institutions of brainwashing.
  • Take off the mask whenever possible! Masks are the current big tool of the elite and are symbols of acquiescence to external authority.  They do not work any better than coughing and sneezing into one’s elbow to prevent infections.  They are especially harmful for children and those with pulmonary problems.  The oxygen content drops within a few minutes, and wearing them outdoors is insane.
  • Focus on the present moment. Each thought, word and action ripple through our quantum universe to help heal our physical world and its inhabitants.  Energy follows our focus. 
  • Attention to our spiritual connections with all living things, practicing gratitude, seeing beauty everywhere, and choosing joy and love over fear escalates us into higher vibrational dimensions. There we can have constant awareness of our higher powers (benevolent extraterrestrials, angels, ancestors, God, Prime Creator, cosmic mind) who guide us intuitively in the flow and help any time we ask.  This is the nature of ascension, of making our necessary evolutionary leap.  At the highest levels WE ARE ALL ONE!!


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