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Each of us has a choice:

     We can continue to participate in the hypnotic mass control called COVID-19


     We can STOP BEING AFRAID and allow our wise selves to emerge in all our glory to create a new love-based society.

The facts about COVID:

     We are living in a pre-planned societal takedown designed to keep us trapped in fear, dependent on our rulers, anticipating protection from a new vaccine.

      The new vaccines, fast-tracked and already in field testing, ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR HEALTH but for further crippling our immunity and connecting us genetically and bioelectrically to a global artificial intelligence system, keeping us enslaved for life. 

      COVID itself may or may not be a virus; the material being tested may be our own cellular products from little outpouchings called exosomes. 

      The real damage being done to us is weaponized electromagnetic fields called 5G and soon 6G.  Maps of the “virus” are superimposable on maps of 5G, especially in the world’s big cities.  In the guise of faster, better wireless communication, we are being trapped and lassoed like calves at castration time.  Just prior to the COVID release in Wuhan, a city of 6 million, a large electromagnetic blast occurred, and that blast was what killed most of the Chinese in Wuhan.

      The original COVID was probably bioengineered in the U.S. and released from Wuhan’s high-level bioweapons lab.  The original virus apparently contained DNA sequences designed to cause testicular damage in Asian males, and TB/HIV/etc. in everyone.  But as the virus left Asia, it has become less virulent and more like a bad seasonal cold or flu.  Some countries like Taiwan and Sweden have been unaffected.

     Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and others are using mass population control straight out of the corporatocracy’s Hegelian playbook, one of the end-game global scenarios for global population reduction and continued enslavement of the human race—both long planned by the New World Order folks.  This effort is shared by coopted health agencies, especially the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, global control devices that have NEVER had our best interests at heart.  The CDC has mandated hospitals and doctors to pad COVID statistics by including all respiratory deaths for any reason, which includes most deaths this time of year in the elderly and infirm.  Growing numbers of hospital professionals are outraged at these pressures.

     Mass isolation and separation serves to further deplete our already compromised immunity and keep us separated from each other to curb our people-power. 

Coming into our power and creating a new world:

     We can be our own rulers.  We can step out of this world madness, expand into healthy, intuitive, powerful, spiritually evolving humans and create a new beautiful, pristine world:


  • STOP BEING AFRAID!!! If COVID is still a circulating infection, it’s mostly subclinical, meaning most of us don’t become ill from it.  Subclinical infections are much better for us than any vaccines because our own antibodies are usually more protective and last longer.

  • STOP BEING CONTROLLED BY THE MEDIA!!! Stop reading newspapers and news magazines and cancel subscriptions!!!  Stop listening to public radio!!!  These are dark-energy tools of a dying, greed-based, fear-based corporatocracy.  IT NEVER REALLY WORKED FOR US!!!  DITCH THEM!!!

  • TAKE OFF YOUR MASK except where you need it for groceries and other essentials.

  • GO OUTSIDE!!! Our air outside the 5G big-city areas has not been this clean for decades!!!  Fresh air oxygenates us and builds our immune systems!!!  Sunshine increases our vitamin D and directly influences our energy metabolism!!!  We need all the physical immune-building factors we can garner!!!

  • GIVE HUGS AND TOUCH PEOPLE!!! Let folks know!  Wear an “I Give Hugs” t-shirt!  Always ask first and allow others their own choice in this matter.

  • DITCH SOCIAL DISTANCING!!! It too is right out of Orwell.

  • AVOID ALL VACCINES!!! They damage our immune systems and poison us in many ways!!!  The new COVID vaccines coming will make us sick and keep us weak and permanently controlled by the old fear-based society so familiar to us.


  • ASK HIGHER POWERS—God, Jesus, angels, ETs, higher selves—HOWEVER YOU RECOGNIZE THEM—TO HELP AND PROTECT YOU!!! Then ACCEPT their help and protection!!!  If we do our part, they’ll do theirs!!! 

  • MOVE AWAY FROM BIG CITIES if you can. Rural areas are much less threatened by wireless weaponry.

  • DON’T BUY A 5G OR 6G PHONE!!! Modify it if you have one—turn off all location settings, cover the little camera holes used to spy on us, minimize use.

  • TRUST YOURSELF!!! We are our own best saviors!!!    Pray.  Communicate with higher powers in every moment.  Feel your energy fields expand as you step out of the global nonsense and into personal sovereignty!!!

  • GET INTO NATURE!!! Our natural self-preservation instincts are why hiking trails and state parks are filled to capacity every weekend!  Don’t wait for weekends—get outside NOW and EVERY DAY!!!  Feel your connections to trees, rocks, plants, animals, other hikers, air, wind, streams and water.  WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!!!

  • EAT ORGANIC!!! Stop buying irradiated big-box groceries--it’s mostly dead or genetically modified food!!!  Join an organic CSA!  Buy from local natural food stores and organic vendors at farm markets!!

  • DITCH SUGAR AND ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!!! Sugar is more addicting than cocaine.  We need to change our tastes and food selection.  Artificial sweeteners are made from pesticides and poison us, causing obesity and diabetes and contributing to chronic diseases of the elderly.

  • EAT LOW-CARB AND GLUTEN-FREE!!! Sugar, wheat and dairy foods are bad for us.  If you stay with dairy, try raw unpasteurized milk.  Explore fermented organic vegetables and unfamiliar nutrient-dense foods.

  • LEARN TO FORAGE!!! Nature provides an abundance of nutritious food for us!

  • GROW YOUR OWN ORGANIC VEGGIES!!! And eggs!  Eat organic or natural meat!  Turn your yard into a victory garden!  Delete herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers—they are all major poisons for humans and the planet.  Buck local ordinances and public attitudes!

  • DRINK CLEAN WATER!!! Avoid fluoridated, chlorinated city water—other poisons!  Get spring or well water, store in glass, avoid plastic containers, buy a distiller, collect morning dew, drink reverse osmosis or distilled water and take supplemental minerals.  Communicate with water—thank it, love it, bless it and your food!!!  Water and food are sentient/conscious:  they form beautiful crystalline patterns with a positive, grateful host!!!  HONOR OUR PHYSICAL BODIES AS THE TEMPLE OF OUR SOULS!!!

  • WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED!!! All the tools.  All the nourishment.  All the help from “above”.  Our own doctors/guides/instincts within!!!

  • RETHINK EDUCATION AND PARENTING!!! Families are doing this now and often finding renewed connections and communications with children!!!   Let children and young people lead more!!!  Design new societies WITH them!!!

  • References for all this material are in my newsletter Cosmic View, which can be accessed through EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

  • BECOME THE COURAGEOUS NEW HUMAN!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!  Planetary renewal will follow because whatever we do, think, feel or communicate personally ripples through our new creations!!!  Enjoy life!!!  See beauty everywhere!!!  Stay positive and strong!!!   Unite with like-minded neighbors, friends and online groups!!!  Feel the difference!!!  Expand and respect and follow your instincts!!!


Sue McIntosh M.D.



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